What are the precautions you should take after undergoing the treatment of IVF?

Precautions after IVF Procedure

IVF Procedure is considered as a boon for couples who are dealing with the issue of infertility. No doubt, every couple dream of becoming a parent and when finally, the moment is here to celebrate the amazing time. At this time, it is essential that soon to be mother should take her proper care and stay mentally as well as physically fit.

But some couple might ignore small things which can affect the chances. Here are some precautions which you should avoid right after the treatment of IVF.

  • Do not travel

Right after the procedure, it is advised that you should travel long distance by road or train. Traveling to some other place should not be on your list for at least a few days. Because this will make you feel tired which is not the right thing for the successful chances.

  • Avoid area with extreme temperature

Any activity should be avoided which might increase the body temperature. You should avoid hot tubs, hot yoga, and saunas. In general, it is best if you do not submerge in the water such as in baths or pools as it might increase the chances of infection. It is better you take hot showers until your fertility doctor advises you to consider any other thing. In case, if you are facing an issue then you can visit our IVF centre in India.

  • Do not take part in vigorous exercise

It is not recommended that you have to avoid all the activities but there are some things which are not considered suitable right after the procedure. Involving your body in high-impact or vigorous exercise is not the best thing. This is because the ovaries are still in the process of enlargement and they need to be tender at this point. It is essential that they should be protected and uterine contractions can stimulate because of hard work out.

  • Avoid Sexual Intercourse

After the IVF procedure, sexual intercourse should also be avoided. This is advised because it helps in reducing the chances of infection and also it gives proper time for women ovaries to heal after the embryo transfer. Although every doctor has a different opinion regarding this. So, make sure you consult your doctor about which things should be avoided for increasing the chances of pregnancy.

  • Healthy diet

You should eat like you are already pregnant so that your body starts getting all the nutrients and protein at the right time. You should include lots of fruits and vegetables after undergoing the treatment of IVF. But keep this thing in mind that consumption of alcohol and smoking products should be avoided at any cost. You should not eat oily and processed food.

Make sure you are following everything which doctor has advised you so that no problem comes. This will also help in the entire process to go smoothly.