Explain in detail regarding the problem of early menopause and IVF?

Everything about early menopause and IVF

Lately, it has been seen that the internet is flooded with the topic of early menopause. No doubt, women who are struggling with it is difficult for them to conceive. You might be anxious to get the answer to this problem and what you can do to deal with this condition. In this article, we have discussed early menopause and what is the option available.

The problem of early menopause

This condition is also known as premature ovarian insufficiency. This implies when the women’s menstrual cycle stops before the 40s permanently. Usually, the average age is 51 and most women experience menopause between the age of 48 and 55. In some cases, the problem of premature menopause starts in the 20s which is in 1 to 4 percent.  It might even increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, and osteoporosis.

What is the reason behind this?

  • The most common reason is cancer treatment like surgery or radiation which can remove the ovaries.
  • The problem of thyroid or autoimmune disease can affect the egg supply.
  • Genetics also play an important role but mostly the reason behind the problem is not known.

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Is early menopause caused by IVF/ fertility drug?

Certainly, this is not true. It is just a rumor that if you undergo the treatment of IVF it can lead to early menopause. In the treatment, fertility drugs help in stimulating the ovaries which make them mature. To get better results around 10 to 15 eggs are needed. In the normal cycle, every month one egg is released. So, to increase the chances of stimulating the ovaries is very helpful. Additionally, there is no way that its natural egg supply is depleted with this procedure.

Is it possible for women to conceive?

Yes, with the IVF procedure, the women can conceive who have experienced the problem of menopause. It does not matter whether it came early or on time. In this case, the donor eggs can be used and there are chances that women can get pregnant.

A study has also shown that around 101 women used donor eggs over the age of 50. The results of the treatment were the same so that of women under the age of 42.

The best option is to seek the help of the doctor as early as possible. The doctor will do the various test and find out whether you are going through menopause. Additionally, they will let you know which treatment option is going to be the best.

In case, you are going to get IVF treatment, then donor eggs can be used or take help from the egg donation program. Visit our fertility clinic to know more about the treatment plan which will suit your condition the best.