What all you need to know about the process of test tube pregnancy?

What is Test Tube Pregnancy

With the advancement in technology and science almost every day a new landmark is being achieved. It means you do not have to force yourself to deal with infertility problems. Earlier, there was a problem as a couple who were not able to conceive did not have many options. They adopt a child or stay with the thought that they might have done something wrong they have to deal with this.

But,  If you are not able to make the right choice then visit our IVF Center in Punjab to get the best treatment plan. Getting all the necessary information before the treatment will help you make informed decisions.

Test Tube Pregnancy

  • In the Test tube pregnancy, to increase the production of egg fertility hormones are given. Once, the required number of eggs is produced they will be retrieved from the ovaries which is known as egg retrieval.
  • In this the fertilization process in which sperm & egg are combined together takes place outside the body. Once the embryo is formed it will transfer back to the women reproductive tract. After the embryo transfer, pregnancy has resulted which is the same as normal pregnancy or it can C section or normal.
  • This option is suggested to women who are suffering from damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, or other medical conditions. Additionally, if the male partner is suffering from the issue of low sperm count then also it can prove effective.
  • Mostly, these options is best for women before the age of 40. This is because with age the fertility declines which can make it difficult to get pregnant and egg quality is also reduced. You should visit our fertility doctor and know which treatment plan will suit you best.
  • If the patient is young and suffering from the tubal problem then the first surgery is given. But it takes time and it is complicated also. Whatever the case is, seeking medical help at the right time will solve your problem to increase in the future.
  • One doctor suggests you IVF treatment, they will do certain test to assess the menstrual cycle, sperm culture, semen analysis, and hormonal balance. The method used for egg retrieval, laparoscopy or ultrasound can be performed.
  • Stimulating the ovaries is very important and for that Clomiphene and personal are prescribed. This help in making several follicles to get mature at once. Increasing the egg fertilization count means the chances are higher that at least one will be implanted successfully. Throughout the entire process, the doctor will monitor your health by ultrasounds and various tests.

If you have any problem related to the procedure then visit our fertility doctor to get the best advice.