Relation Between IVF And Hypertension Pregnancy

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Doctors have seen a rise in the number of cases associated with hypertension during pregnancy. As people are reclining more towards advanced reproductive technology, the cases of hypertension are going up along with it. To say that IVF causes it would not be accurate as IVF does not influence hypertension directly. Read on to understand more about the relationship between hypertension and IVF.

What Is Hypertension?

Hypertension refers to the condition where an individual’s blood pressure is constantly above 140/90. Hypertension induces pressure on the walls of the arteries that can increase the chances of heart disease and stroke. Hypertension is also known as a silent killer in the medical field, as it does not show any symptoms of occurrence. 

Hypertension During Pregnancy. 

Hypertension during pregnancy can be seen after a few months into the pregnancy. Healthcare professionals refer to it as gestational pregnancy, which is very harmful to both the foetus and the mother. It may prevent the support of the placenta, which provides nutrition and oxygen to the foetus. 

Hypertension during pregnancy is very dangerous to the mother’s health as it can elevate the risk of preeclampsia, cause damage to the liver, lungs and brain and also prevent the placenta from providing enough support to the foetus. 

According to research, hypertension is seen in those pregnancy cases that have been conceived by using frozen embryos for IVF instead of fresh embryos at an IVF centre in Punjab. Frozen embryos are more commonly used for IVF than fresh embryos for a number of reasons. The success rate of the IVF process at the best IVF centre in Jalandhar is not determined by a new or frozen embryo. Still, the increase in blood pressure and the occurrence of hypertension plays a vital role as it can result in preeclampsia, which is a risk to the mother and the foetus. 

Why Frozen Embryos Have More Risk?

After the comparison done by a research team, it has been found that the IVF done with frozen embryos shows more cases of hypertension as compared to the IVF done with fresh embryos. 

Research says that hypertension isn’t directly related to IVF through frozen embryos, but it is the process of preparation of these embryos that contributes to this condition. However, research is still going on to find the root cause of the problem. 
Pregnancy through IVF at the best IVF centre in India is a safe way to conceive and walk into the dream of parenthood. There could be some complications associated with the preparation of the process, for which consulting a doctor at an IVF centre in Jalandhar can help. Getting pregnant is a huge step that a mother takes in her life. Therefore, conceiving must be handled with care and responsibility, as the mother and child may be affected. Thus, making the right decision and taking the proper steps is essential before, during and after pregnancy.

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