Relationship between Endometriosis, Fertility and Pregnancy

Relationship between Endometriosis, Fertility and Pregnancy

Infertility is a common condition these days, which is caused due to certain reasons including endometriosis. To know about the relation between endometriosis, pregnancy, and fertility, you need to read and understand this article at the end. Because we are going to give you detailed information about them.

Endometriosis is a widespread condition that arises in 1 in 10 women and may lead you to fertility issues. It occurs as the uterine tissue expands beyond the uterus, creating scar tissue or adhesions. If you are suffering from mild endometriosis, then the chances of conceiving a baby are naturally high. However, as endometriosis worsens in frequency, scar tissue often worsens, and the likelihood of pregnancy declines.

Endometriosis frequency

According to the American Fertility Society Updated Endometriosis Classification (AFS) ranking, endometriosis is graded as:

  • Minimum
  • Mild
  • Moderate to high
  • Extreme

As we stated above, if you are suffering from a mild condition, then you can imply conceiving a baby naturally. While in severe condition, you need to visit the IVF centre, so that you can get a check-up. Or IVF doctors may recommend IVF treatment to conceive a baby.

Endometriosis Diagnosis

Laparoscopy is the most effective method of collecting comprehensive details on the treatment and extent of endometriosis. Doctors look at the infected region, whether there are endometriosis cysts in the ovaries and if there are adhesions that connect the tissues together.

Endometriosis and Human Architecture

If endometriosis is moderate or medium, the odds of pregnancy are close to regular circumstances. Nevertheless, the probability of natural pregnancy is decreased as adhesions are more serious. That is that there are further adhesions that surround the egg and keep it from moving into the fallopian tube.

Treatment of endometriosis

There is actually no cure to prevent or slow down the development of endometriosis. However, symptoms can be managed such as Pain can be managed with the help of painkillers. Your doctor might also recommend surgery to dissolve adhesions that can reduce discomfort and improve the likelihood of pregnancy.

Endometriosis and Pregnancy

The method of fertility procedure depends on the extent of the endometriosis, the age of the patient, how long the couple has been attempting to conceive, whether the couple has conceived in the past and if there are any fertility issues such as blocked tubes or sperm problems.

Treatment for endometriosis may include:

  • Stimulation of ovulation
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • IVF-: This is additionally known as In-Vitro Fertilization treatment.
  • Gamete Intrafallopian Tube Transfer
  • Intracytoplasmic semen or sperm injection
  • Donation of eggs or semen
  • Surrogacy:

If you have endometriosis and are trying to conceive, then you must schedule an appointment with our specialist consultant to discuss your options.

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