Scientist Revealed New Finding For Swimming Of Bunch Of Sperms In Gloopy Liquid

Scientist Revealed New Finding For Swimming Of Bunch Of Sperms In Gloopy Liquid

As researchers found that sperms move in flocks together in a tight team rather than separately in the Gloopy liquid so it could help to increase the chances of success in IVF.

When the team were doing research that how the little swimmers like to move in the different fluid then interesting finding came out that in the viscoelastic liquid like the mucus, melted mozzarella the sperms like to move in tight teams but is the liquid is thick or thin but not elastic then they tend to move separately.

Even the scientists justified the fact with the mucus inside the female reproductive tract that is also viscoelastic so the sperms get bunched up in it so the liquid used for the experiment was similar to the mucus inside the female reproductive tract.

So the studies talked about the real environment that decide the swimming pattern of sperms and teamed up them according to the type of liquid.

For the experimentation, scientists used the different fluids with the varying amount of elastic polymer stirred in the fluid to see the dynamic process of joining new cells and leaving cell to the group at same time.

Then it has been confirmed that concentration of polymer is directly proportion to the togetherness of sperms for swimming means if the elasticity is more than the sperms bunched together otherwise move separately.

However need of the viscoelascity for the teaming up of sperms is not revealed yet but it can be related to the movement of fluid surrounding the beating tail that can decide the synchronization of groups.

Scientist said that this finding can be used to mix sperm with the egg in a tube for the successful meeting with each other in IVF treatment.