Secondary Infertility: Reasons behind having a problem conceiving the second time

Let's Understand Every Bit About Secondary Infertility

Trouble having problems conceiving the second time?

There’s a possibility when you try to conceive the second time, there are complications, or your journey does not seem to be as smooth as you wanted it to be. Secondary infertility occurs just like primary infertility. But, that does not mean pregnancy is not possible in such a scenario. The advanced technology and approach allow the Best IVF Results in Punjab to make the conception possible.

How long should I try to conceive before knowing it’s secondary infertility?

Sometimes, you may conceive successfully but cannot keep the child in your womb for nine months. It’s pivotal that you consult a gynecologist and know everything about what should be done and if there’s a need for female infertility treatment. The doctor’s assistance is the key to knowing about everything.

What are the reasons behind secondary infertility?

  • Ovulation disorder

Around 40% of women are struggling with ovulation disorder. The problem can occur due to several factors and conditions like:

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)
  • Reduced egg production due to age
  • Endocrine disorder or thyroid that affects the hormone production in the body

Under all these circumstances, you must consult the fertility doctor at one of the Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab to know what next step you need to take.

  • Chrosmonal problem with eggs

In some cases, the eggs might be limited, and after the first delivery, there can be problems making healthy eggs. If you hit the mark of 40, there will be chromosomal issues. Additionally, the body won’t be able to produce good-quality eggs.

  • Lifestyle factors

Your overall lifestyle after the pregnancy will create problems. There will be issues in terms of overall weight, nutrition, drug misuse, or alcohol intake.

  • Fallopian tube blockage

In some cases, the fallopian tubes are blocked, which makes it difficult for the egg and sperm to meet like normal.

  • C-section delivery

If you have undergone C-section in the past, then there will be difficult for you to conceive.

The reasons behind secondary infertility are the same as that for primary infertility. You should talk to the fertility doctor to enlighten yourself on what necessary measures you should take.

What is the treatment for secondary infertility?

The fertility doctor initially checks for overall health. Several tests like: Ovulation test, blood tests, pelvic examination, transvaginal ultrasound, fallopian tube X-ray , and others.

What are the tips for coping with secondary infertility?

It’s tough when you try to get pregnant the second time, but it does not seem easy. It’s an entire struggle when you want to conceive, and the stressful situation can escalate with your partner. And this is the time; you must be mindful and take into account all the necessary tips mentioned below;

  • No need to blame your partner or yourself. Follow all the suggestions shared by your medical expert.
  • Make sure you are positive with your thoughts. Try to communicate with the group or network in a similar situation.
  • Try to do things under your control and be mindful of what the doctor says.

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