What is the secret to boost the conception chances with IVF treatment?

What is the secret to boost the conception chances with IVF treatment

When a couple consults fertility experts at our IVF centre in Punjab, their major concern is. ‘How to make IVF treatment successful?’. No doubt, you are spending your time and money, so you must be aware of what to do to boost the treatment’s success. Also with treatment success, patients get worried about how they manage the IVF cost. Fortunately, the IVF treatment cost in India is less and the average cost is Rs 80,000/-. In this blog, we will discuss what can make the IVF cycle successful.

Egg quality for IVF treatment

Some doctors believe that it happens due to the length of the tip of the chromosome which is known as telomeres. It is an essential part of cell division.

In one of the research, telomeres were measured for 43 eggs of the women getting IVF. it showed that the short telomeres have fewer chances of resulting in an IVF baby. The women with shorter telomeres did not become pregnant.

Selecting the eggs carefully

It is suggested that the IVF success rate is likely to increase by choosing eggs with lengthy telomeres. Here what it means is, ‘Choosing between the multiple eggs.’

Doctors are looking for ways to found how to boost the IVF success rate depending on the given factors:

  • Metabolism
  • Genes
  • Shape

Till the time research which has been done has not shown any type of successful results. On average, the chances of conception following one IVF cycle are around 20% to 30% and with age, it becomes less.


Additional tips to boost IVF success rate

Along with choosing the egg quality, there are additional factors that can make a difference in increasing the success rate. It includes the following:

  • Selecting right sperm

Along with the egg, sperm should be selected carefully. Good selection of sperm will improve the chances of fertilization as sperm and egg need to meet each other.

  • Getting IVF at the best time

Make sure to talk to the best fertility expert as they can suggest the right time to undergo IVF. They will talk you through the entire process and what should be done at the specific time.

  • Use of PGD

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is one of the advanced methods to choose the right embryo. The embryologist will choose the one which does not have any type of chromosomal issue.

  • Follow organic diet

During IVF treatment, you need to increase the intake of omega-3 in your diet. This is because it improves the fetus development which makes the pregnancy journey easier.

  • Folic acid

You need to include folic acid in your diet which can be in the form of a supplement. By doing so, the chances of congenital malformations are prevented to a great extent.

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