Should I Stay Away From Cold Drinks & Foods During My Periods

Should I Stay Away From Cold Drinks & Foods During My Periods

Should I Stay Away From Cold Drinks & Foods During My Periods

Girls and women are naturally gifted and right from the beginning of time, they were granted a special task of bringing life into this world. It’s just awesome to be a woman, but it comes with certain hurdles that include periods. Menstrual periods are generally experienced differently in women, that is to say, in some, they are a walkover, while in others, it is a messy and painful period. To add to that, there are associated do’s and don’ts that may affect a woman in one way or another.

Avoiding cold foodstuff is one of the common don’ts during the periods, however, is it backed by science? Let’s understand the core of it.

What Triggers Bleeding?

Although menstrual periods are part of women, many of them hardly understand why they bleed. Here is why? During the month, the ovaries send signals to the brain and a variety of hormones are secreted that cause egg development in the ovaries. The oestrogen & LH hormones are some of the hormones that cause ovulation to occur, and during this phase, the egg is released from the ovary.

The egg slopes down to the Fallopian tube for fertilization to occur, however in case it isn’t fertilized, it must be expelled from the body along with the tissue lining of the uterus. This comes out in the form of blood and that is why you bleed every month.

Why do you experience cramping or pain during the period?

Our bodies are generally different. Some women experience no pain, whereas others the degree of pain significantly differs. You certainly experience pain because of the body’s mechanism to eject the unwanted tissue. In other cases, the excess chemical known as prostaglandin (pros-tuh-GLAN-duhn) can cause severe pain and whereas in some women, it’s normal, in other women this pain may be triggered by endometriosis or uterine fibroids.

Is drinking cold water or eating cold foodstuff okay or not?

Generally, avoiding cold foodstuff during the period is termed as a Chinese tale, but it is also backed by science. Women who experience immense pain during their period should consume warm foods and water to help the ejection process. This is simply because the warm or hot foods calm the vaginal walls and the uterine muscles hence making the period less painful.

Placing a warm towel or a bottle of water on the lower abdomen is also known to relieve menstrual pain and cramping.

What’s the Conclusion?

Since our bodies are different, it is essential to understand your body and adopt an effective pain relieving approach. Some find it okay to consume cold foodstuff or drinks during the period, whereas to others, the opposite is beneficial.