What are the common signs and symptoms of infertility in men and women?

signs and symptoms of infertility in men and women

Signs and symptoms of infertility

Signs and symptoms of infertility are linked to underlying conditions. If the person has untreated chlamydia then it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. PID leads to blockage in the fallopian tubes which makes it difficult to reach the fertilization stage for pregnancy.

Different conditions can lead to infertility in men and women. The signs and symptoms in both can be different. If you are worried about what to do then make sure to consult the doctor at the best IVF centre in Punjab. Some of the common signs and symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle

The average woman’s cycle is 28 days long and anything in between that time is considered normal as long as the cycle is consistent. Even if at one time the cycle is 33 days, next it is 31-day, and after that it is 35-day it is normal periods.

But if the women’s cycle varies greatly that she cannot even estimate then you are experiencing an irregular menstrual cycle. The problem can occur due to hormonal issues, PCOS, or problems with reproductive health.

  • Heavy or painful periods

In some cases, women experience painful or heavy periods which is considered as the symptom of endometriosis.

  • No periods

In some cases, women have issues of stress or do they do heavy workouts that affect the periods temporarily. However, if you have not had a period in months, then it is important to get the fertility checked on time.

  • Hormonal issues

In some cases, women experience hormonal issues which lead to fertility. Make sure to consult the doctor if you have problems like skin issues, thinning hair, weight gain, facial hair growth, or any other unwanted symptom.

  • Pain during sexual intercourse

Some women experience painful sex in their lives and they consider it is normal. However, the issue can be due to hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, or other underlying condition which leads to infertility.

Common signs of male infertility

  • Testicle pain or swelling

Different conditions lead to pain or testicle swelling which might lead to infertility.

  • Problem with sexual desire

Male fertility is linked to hormonal health. Hormonal changes could also indicate that there is a problem with fertility.

  • Not able to maintain an erection

The man can maintain an erection because of the hormonal level. If the hormonal level is reduced then it can lead to problems in your conception chances.

  • Ejaculation issue

If the man is not able to ejaculate then it is the time you need to get medical help from the fertility doctor.

  • Testicle issue

The testes are important for the male sperm so its health is important. If not then it leads to male infertility. If the male partner has firm or small testicles then it indicates you have an issue. Just make sure to seek medical help on time.


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