Silent Features of Male Infertility- This is what you must know

Silent Features of Male Infertility- This is what you must know

Male infertility isn’t a phenomenal to take for granted, but a general awakening call for all. Infertility is a common disease today divided into male and female infertility. Male infertility is a condition in which a man fails to impregnate a fertile woman during the reproductive age.

Vital Features of Male Infertility

Vital Features of Male Infertility are;

  • An Increasing male-factor infertility rate

Currently, male infertility accounts for more than 45% of the infertility cases recorded. Statistics indicate a hiking rate of male infertility yet many studies still focus on female infertility.

  • Genetics as a major trigger

A majority of male infertility cases is linked to genetics and many studies are now proving how genetics have a major impact on one’s fertility. Likewise, genetics also play a major role in triggering female infertility which at times may pose a major factor of unexplained infertility

Fertility experts confirm that certain genetic mutations, specifically those linked to cystic fibrosis and chromosomal abnormalities can cause testicular impairments leading to genetically triggered infertility

  • Overlooked Causes of Male Infertility

In India particularly, higher levels of smoking and the use of illicit drugs are associated with a major risk of male infertility. Unfortunately, a majority of smokers and those engaged in taking excessive alcoholic beverages play a deaf ear.

Probably reducing the rate of smoking and alcoholism can lower the aggravated male infertility risk in the coming years.

  • Male Infertility isn’t only about testosterone levels

It is true that testosterone is a major sex hormone in males, but male fertility exceeds the testosterone levels to the overall health of the male’s reproductive organ. Recent studies indicate that excessive testosterone levels normally attained through supplements cause a havoc in a male body.

Though also used as a medication, a male should attain treatment from an approved medical practitioner

  • Sperms are a major Victim

Though there are various male sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, male infertility mainly centers on sperms. This includes the sperm quality, morphology, count, and motility.

Day-to-day factors that can silently damage the sperm concentration and count include smoking, exposure to chemical agents, varicocele among others

  • A diagnosis is required

Apart from the inability to impregnate a woman, a male may never know that he is affected by infertility. Awareness may require an examination, blood tests and a sperm analysis conducted in a fertility centre

A sperm analysis focuses on examining the sperm quality, motility (movement) among others.

To combat the escalating rate of male infertility, males should consider the following;

  • Regular exercises that may include regular cycling, walking and running.

  • Considering a proper diet that involves Maca root, garlic, green vegetables, fruits, and bananas.

  • Limiting chemical exposure

  • Quit or reduce smoking and alcoholism

  • Treating sexually transmitted diseases effectively

Treating male infertility may require a medical approach or a surgical approach. Via a surgical approach, a blockage is corrected to enable the effective flow of sperms and generally the semen. In case the sperms aren’t viable of fertilizing an egg, the sperms may be utilized for ICSI or IVF treatments

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