Smoking & Fertility

Avoid those situations that cause you to smoke

Smoking & Fertility – How to Quit Smoking and Attain a Healthy Pregnancy 

Commonly, the various effects of smoking are known to be cancer, loss of appetite, mood stimulation, poor immune system, heart disease, among others. But on the other hand, have you ever thought about the various effects of smoking on your fertility. Smoking, yet you desire to have children in the future or smoking while pregnant may increase various risks such as DNA damage, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, decreased follicle count or even infertility.

Avoid those situations that cause you to smokeHowever, you are not alone in this, fertility experts at the best IVF centre in India provide various ways to help you quit smoking and attain a healthy pregnancy. Here is what to do;

  • Talk to a fertility expert

The fact remains that you can never quit smoking on your own and studies show that 95% of individuals who try to quit end up smoking again at one point in life. It takes a while, and help from experienced doctors to guide. Therefore, as you try to quit, talk to your fertility expert or doctor for help.

  • Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has shown a positive impact on smoking. Studies show that hypnotherapy has provided more than 65% successful results compared to any other anti-smoking program.

  • Determination

Many of those who smoke desire to quit, but aren’t determined to quit. It must be known that you will find yourself smoking again, having decided to stop the previous day. This doesn’t mean that you can’t, but it all requires determination to stop smoking. Experts confirm that no one quits smoking with a single move or a mere say, but you have to try again and again with better tactics.

  • Therapies (Nicotine therapy)

Smoking cigarettes renders one to become addicted to an ingredient known as Nicotine. Nicotine therapies help an individual to acquire replacements that have less amounts of nicotine like nicotine patches or nicotine gum. These can be used whenever the urge comes up to smoke and with time, you will withdraw from them completely.

  • Avoid those situations that cause you to smoke

You will have to stop associating with the former groups with whom you used to smoke, party, or live recklessly. In addition, avoid paths where cigarettes shops are located.

Other options to quit smoking include medications, E-cigarettes, cutting back and trying to do it for the sake of those you love or who love you.

Your FertilityYour Fertility

In males, smoking is believed to reduce sperm count and the quality of the sperm whereas, in females, it may cause premature ovarian failure, ovulation issues among others. The following will help boost your fertility as you seek best ivf centre in Punjab; 

Being activeBeing active

A common saying goes “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. This simply means that engage in productive projects or programs to keep yourself busy. Set your health, ambitions, work or studies as a priority.

Diet & Meals

Smoking affects the nutritional levels in the body, and therefore, try to replace them as you quit smoking. This is through taking in multivitamins, fruits, greens, and antioxidants.

Physical ExercisesPhysical Exercises

Engage in various physical exercises.