Infertility treatment: How much is the success rate of IVF for the first try?

Success Rate Of IVF Treatment in First Time

Are you struggling to conceive on your own?

The boon of medical science has helped women to keep hope alive. With the female infertility treatment at one of the known IVF centre in Punjab, the fertility expert suggests personalized and effective care. The treatment plan of IVF (IN-VITRO-FERTILIZATION) is one of the most successful and in-demand treatments among infertile couples. The primary consideration among the couples is whether the IVF cycle is successful in the first go and how much the success rate is.

As you plan for your treatment journey at Low Cost Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab for the first try, the success rate is around 55%. The stats are for women younger than 35. That’s a universal fact that as age increases, the chances of conceiving go down.

The success of IVF depends on different factors.

Some of the known factors are worth considering to determine the success rate of IVF.

  • The quantity and quality of the eggs/embryo
  • The quantity and quality of sperm
  • The stimulation protocols and the timing of ovulation
  • The ease of the embryo transfer process
  • For implantation, the receptivity of the endometrium, or lining of the uterus

Well, these are not just the only factors. Because before the IVF cycle, the doctor needs to ensure her uterine anatomy is normal. Most importantly, the ovarian age is also by performing a hormone test named:

  • AMH or antimullerian hormone

As the doctor checks the ovarian age, the necessary amount required for fertility medications is known. It’s like getting every minute information beforehand and then further planning everything. All these things allows the IVF cycle to turn out successful. With age, the quality and quantity of eggs declines.

Lifestyle habits can set a roadblock to IVF success

If your daily habits are incorrect, the IVF success can go down and down. Suppose you drink excess alcohol, smoke daily, eat junk food and follow any sedentary practice, then the chances of a successful IVF cycle decrease. The success rate make a lot of difference with, ‘How is your reproductive health?’ When the doctor tells you a necessary suggestion, be mindful of the same and follow it in every possible manner.

Look for an experienced fertility doctor

The journey is new, and you need guidance from someone well-aware of every aspect. Not just that, the fertility doctor guides you in everything without hiding anything.

Are you looking for a fertility doctor?

Dr. Sumita Sofat is one of the known fertility doctors in Punjab, having years of experience in fertility treatment. Feel free to get further information by scheduling your initial consultation and discuss whatever thoughts comes to your mind.

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