Success Story of Esha Kapoor, Who Conceived After 5 Years with IVF

IVF-success stories of a couple who were blessed with twins after multiple IVF failures

IVF treatment is very common in this era because most people are suffering from infertility due to unhealthy diets and poor lifestyles. In-vitro-fertilization treatment offers happiness to many families. Many national and international celebrities conceive their baby through IVF. 

Define IVF Treatment 

IVF has become the best treatment and most common treatment. The full form of IVF is  In-vitro- fertilization treatment. It is a complex process. It involves taking eggs from ovaries. It combines with sperm in a lab for fertilization. After fertilization, the fertilized egg is placed inside the uterus. IVF treatments are expensive everywhere. But Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital provides the best and pocket-friendly treatment.

The success story of Esha Kapoor 

There are several couples who are enjoying their parenthood with IVF treatment. 

Background of Esha’s problem 

Esha remembered that she wanted to be a mother. She loves to spend time with babies. Esha was just 28 when she got married, but it had been 5 years since she was unable to get pregnant. At that time, she lost all her hopes, but as she loved to spend time with kids then, she became a babysitter, where she spent all her day with kids. Everything was going naturally, but deep down she wanted to have her own child. She read an article in the newspaper that an Indian celebrity conceived a baby with IVF treatment, and she became hopeful. Then, she decided to go to the best IVF center in India for a checkup. Then, she got to know that she was a patient of infertility. After consultation with  the doctor, she started her IVF treatment. 

Consultation with doctor

The doctor again asked for the latest reports to check the condition of the ovaries and the reasons behind the infertility. Esha was a little bit nervous, but the doctor made her comfortable. After some time, she asked about her concerns to the doctor and cleared all her doubts, and the doctor gave her proper information about IVF. The treatment began after clearing all the questions and queries by the doctor and by the patient. 

During the treatment 

Esha did not feel any discomfort during the treatment because doctors and nurses were experienced, skilled and provided proper patient care. There are the following steps she shared during IVF treatment. 

Procedure of IVF 

The process of IVF is done in the following steps. The steps of IVF treatments are as follows:

  • Ovulation Tracking: The woman’s ovulation cycle is closely monitored by advanced image techniques. This meticulous observation helps identify the period which is most suitable for fertility. 
  • Optimized Sperm: A sperm sample from the male partner is carefully prepared to enhance its viability and motility. These prepared sperm are then introduced into the woman’s reproductive tract.
  • Strategic Introduction: The prepared sperm are introduced into the fallopian tubes at the optimal point in the ovulation cycle. This precision timing is critical for successful fertilization. 
  • Fertilization: Within the fallopian tubes, the prepared sperm is fused with the mature egg, echoing the natural process of fertilization. Successful fertilization leads to the formation of an embryo.
  • Embryo Migration: The fertilized embryo embarks on a journey from the fallopian tubes to the uterus. Within the lining of the uterus, it finds its place of implantation, heralding the dawn of pregnancy. After the successful implantation of the embryo into the mother’s womb, the journey of growth nurtures the potential to develop into a healthy baby.

After the treatment 

She got her IVF treatment successfully done and is enjoying her motherhood. She was really happy when she conceived a baby through in-vitro fertilization. She also recommends other ladies who are not able to get pregnant because of infertility to consult with the Best IVF Doctor in Punjab at Dr Sumita Sofat IVF Centre.  
IVF treatment provides happiness to thousands of families. Nowadays, these treatments are very common and preferable. Dr. Sumita Sofat is known as the best IVF doctor. She is available at Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital.