Explain: What are the symptoms and treatment options available for PCOS?

PCOS Symptoms and Treatment

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Ludhiana: PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is an issue related to the hormone which affects the women from the age of 15 to 44. around 2.2 and 26.7 percent of women are dealing with the issue of PCOS. Moreover, many women have PCOS but they are not aware of it.

It is actually a syndrome which affects the ovaries and ovulation. The problem actually affects the women ovaries and the reproductive organ which produces the hormone such as estrogen and progesterone which helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. Additionally, the ovaries produce male hormone is small amount known an androgen.

In the ovulation, ovaries release an egg each month which is fertilized by sperm. The ovulation is controlled by FSH and LH. The lack of ovulation changes the estrogen, progesterone, LH and FSH level.

What are the symptoms of PCOS?

In some cases, the symptoms start when the women menstrual cycle is started, weight gain or they face issue getting pregnant. In case, you are facing issue then you should visit the doctor. You should visit our IVF centre in India for the treatment as doctors are highly experienced and skilled.

  • Irregular Period

The most common symptom is that women do not get their period on time. Due to lack of ovulation, the uterine lining does not get shed every month. Women dealing with issue usually get eight periods every year or even less.

  • Heavy bleeding

In some cases, the blood flow is heavy as compared to normal.

  • Acne

Due to the male hormone, the skin changes a lot. It makes the skin oily and also leads to breakouts on areas like chest, face, and upper back.

  • Weight gain

Women dealing with the issue of PCOS also start gaining weight and this is around 80% of women.

  • Hair growth

Around 70% of women get hair on the face and body in excess which includes the chest, back, and belly.

  • Headaches

In some cases, women also get a severe headache because of changes in the hormone.

  • Darkening of skin

The women might notice having dark patches formed on the skin like the neck, under the breasts, and the groin.


What are the treatment options available for PCOS?

  • IVF: The best treatment option is In-Vitro-Fertilization for couples to treat the issue of infertility. The success rate of this treatment is very high in most cases.
  • Weight loss

If your weight is not normal then you should first lose it. Women have got the best results if they even lost 5% weight.

  • Ovulation Induction

There are some drugs available like letrozole, gonadotropins (FSH and HMG), and clomiphene citrate can help to induce ovulation. Make sure you take the medications according to doctors prescription and the dose which they will recommend.

  • Surgical option

The surgical option like laparoscopy can help a lot. Basically, it is used when ovulation drug does not provide any benefit.