Thank you Doctor Sofat for your rewarding services


Having failed to conceive for seven years, I had to look for many doctors who could help me out. It was difficult, but I had to try. My husband was stressed out and so was I, but never lost hope of getting a child one day.

When I heard of Dr. Sofat, I visited the clinic and discussed my situation. I was always in the company of my husband since we both needed things to work out. After choosing IVF as our treatment, I started having tests and different diagnostic procedures. I had Gonadotrophin to boost my fertility and at last, the eggs were retrieved from my ovaries and sperms from my husband. The fertilization process was successful and so was the implantation.

After nine months, I gave birth to the flower of my home and she is one achievement that we all rejoice at. She has made our home active, and it is more or less like a palace where princes and princesses live in harmony.

We make better plans these days and each day, we are proud to wake up to the rose of our home. We are truly thankful to doctor Sofat and her team.