study of successful IVF treatment in India-birth of girl child after 15 years

Infertility Treatment Success Story, India - Patient Blessed With Girl Child After 15 Years

The assisted reproductive techniques have come as a blessing to the infertile parents. They have brought immense hope and positivity for all those couples who had lost all hopes of having a biological child of their own. Initially, people doubted and were surrounded by myths and misconceptions regarding the assisted reproduction methods. But, with the advancement of time, the perceptions of people have changed and they are now accepting this wholeheartedly as well as taking and recommending these treatments to others. The assisted reproductive techniques being used by gynecologists are egg donation, sperm donation, IVF, and surrogacy. IVF treatment in India has gained huge momentum as a number of infertility clinics are being set up in India.

What Is IVF Treatment?

In-Vitro Fertility (IVF): Is a process in which egg is fertilized with the sperm of the partner or the donor sperm outside the woman’s body initially in a test tube or petri dish that is, in-vitro. It is carefully examined and fertilized until it turns into an embryo. Once the embryo is formed in 2 to 6 days, it is transferred to a woman’s uterus and the process of pregnancy continues as usual.

Fertility Success Story Treatment In India

A number of infertility clinics are mushrooming in India and there are many in-state Punjab itself. The growing popularity and demand for fertility treatments have led to this development. One of such renowned clinics at city Ludhiana in Punjab. Its name is Sumita Sofat Infertility clinic – IVF and women care center. This clinic has gained its name because of its unstoppable and unmatched success in the fertility treatment of infertile women or all those women who were unable to conceive.

Let’s take an insight into one of its treatments. This treatment is of Mrs. Santosh who is the wife of Mr. Harbans Lal. They had been married for 15 long years and even after repeated efforts and treatments they failed to have a child. This is when they were recommended of Sumita Sofat Infertility clinic – IVF and women care center by some relative. They visited the clinic and Mrs. Santosh’s treatment started under the careful observation of Mrs. Sumita Sofat. She used latest and innovative fertility techniques for treating Mrs. Santosh to which she started responding gradually and finally she had a successful treatment which led to the birth of a baby girl on January 3, 2019.

This case definitely makes it clear that the fertility treatments are very successful and a wise option for all the couples who want to become parents.

All in all, Fertility treatments are a positive and successful approach to having a baby. Besides, if the mother is healthy to carry the baby in her womb, she can herself carry the baby and enjoy the most beautiful aspect of being a woman that is; pregnancy. Thus, all the couples dealing with infertility issues should not hesitate to seek advice from a gynecologist about fertility treatments and find out the one which is most suitable for them both physically and economically.