The possibility of Getting Pregnant at 35 Plus the Associated Risks

The possibility of Getting Pregnant at 35 Plus the Associated Risks

A woman aged 35 and above can get pregnant (naturally), but one must know that her chances are reduced the more you delay. Pregnancy occurs faster in women aged 33 and under and those aged above, they have 20% difficulty in conception due to the age related obstacles and complications that come along.

Much as you can get pregnant at 35, you must know that successful pregnancies, even with Assisted Reproductive Technology reduce by 10%. Women in their mid 30s to 39 face issues of decreased egg production plus viability of being fertilized by the sperm even if they regularly have unprotected sex.

Some women opt for egg banking or donor eggs from an IVF Centre in India in order to get pregnant in the future, but it is possible that some underlying factors like endometriosis and a weak womb may become an obstacle.

It is quite common that women who get pregnant at the age of 35 and above face various risks and complications such as

  • Stillbirths

  • Ectopic pregnancies

  • Placenta praevia

  • Gestational diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Miscarriages

  • Pre-eclampsia among others

  • Caesarean section

Fertility experts have also observed that the chances of chromosomal or genetic defects are doubled at the age 35 and above. There is also a possibility of Down’s Syndrome in those aged 38 to 41.

Giving birth under the age of 34 is seen as an ideal option since there are less chances of complications and risks. In case a couple still desires to hold on before having children, it is best that they talk to an obstetrician to plan for a future pregnancy. It should be known that menstrual irregularities or anovulation is common at the age of 35 which may require a woman to attain female infertility treatment in India in order to get pregnant.

Fertility drugs in the case of ovulation problems and Pcos are normally provided to a woman to get pregnant. Those who may fail to achieve pregnancy through this, may end up acquiring IVF treatment to get pregnant.

To stay healthy while holding on to get pregnant, a woman may consider the following;

Sperm or egg banking

In this case, the woman’s eggs and the husband’s sperms may be retrieved and frozen in the fertility centre until a later date in the future. This will reduce the chances of female fertilit.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Kegels and other related pelvic floor exercises will keep your pelvic muscles and organs stronger with no complications. This isn’t only advisable for women aged 35 and above, but also those in the childbearing grou.

Eating healthy

A regular balanced diet is recommended for women who desire to achieve risk-free pregnancies in the future. Dairy food, fruits, plenty of green vegetables, plenty of water, and seafoods are vital in your everyday mea.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise will keep your body fit and eliminate any complications during future pregnancy. Swimming, walking, yoga, getting good sleep and running are important.

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