The Touch of Technology for Healthy Delivery

AI- New Technology in the IVF Sector

It should not come as a wonder that the healthcare sector is not an abnormality in a world that is
evolving rapidly and in which technology is impacting every part of our lives, especially when it
comes to childbirth and pregnancy.

Prenatal Monitoring

When women get pregnant, they do not know about the condition of their baby. Thanks to
prenatal monitoring technology. This technology is used to monitor the baby’s condition and the
mother’s well-being. This technology helps to know the mother and baby are in good condition,
and they grow. Healthcare providers use two devices, such as wearable devices and mobile
apps. Wearable devices like smartwatches allow mothers to know about their heartbeat rate and
sleep patterns. Mobile devices enable women to record their exercise, nutrition and unusual
symptoms. These devices offer helpful data so that healthcare providers can easily understand
mother and baby conditions.


The development of telemedicine is among the biggest changes in healthcare. Women who are
pregnant can easily consult with professionals about the condition at home. Using this
technology helps mothers to give the right suggestions so that they can improve their health.
This technology helps to reduce the visits of pregnant moms to healthcare. This technique is
beneficial during pandemic conditions. telemedicine offers proper guidance and support to
pregnant women.

Ultrasound Advancements

Ultrasound technology helps to provide details to pregnant women so that they know about their
conditions. This technology gives a picture of the woman’s fetus so that healthcare providers
and women can see the baby’s growth and development. Using technology, experts easily
detect any issues in the baby and mother’s health conditions earlier so that they can provide
efficient treatment.

Remote Monitoring of High-Risk Pregnancies

When pregnant women are admitted to an emergency, in that situation, it is very critical. Experts
need to continuously monitor the condition so that they save both lives. It is not only used in
emergency conditions but also when women’s delivery gets complicated. Thanks to this
technology, it is a remote monitoring device. Using these devices, experts can easily know
about patient and baby conditions like blood pressure, glucose levels, and fetal heart rate.
These devices help to detect any problem so that experts reduce the risks to both mother and

Birth Planning Apps

Present-day pregnant women have access to a wide variety of applications for birth preparation.
These applications give labor and delivery information, assist in drafting a birth plan and even
include contraction timers to track the progress of labor. They also help users find online
organizations and communities where they may share experiences and develop a sense of

Remote Fetal Monitoring

When women get pregnant, it is necessary to constantly fetal monitoring. It helps to know the
condition of the baby. Using remote fetal monitoring technology, experts easily understand the
baby’s growth and development. These devices help to know about the fetal heart rate,
movement and contractions. Using this device, professionals quickly know that you do not need
to stay in the hospital for a long time.

Virtual Reality for Pain Management

Treatment for labor pain has also benefited from advances in technology. Virtual reality is being
used as a distraction technique to help moms focus on anything other than their suffering during
childbirth. It helps to lessen the stress of giving birth. This device transports women to a
peaceful mind environment or provides guided meditation.

Postpartum Support

The path to a healthy birth is far from done once the baby is born. Technology continues to be
crucial to postpartum care. Apps and wearable devices help new mothers and their babies and
monitor their postpartum recovery.

These devices make a safe and comfortable
environment for women from pregnancy to childbirth. Using advanced technology in this field
can ensure brighter and healthier childbirth experiences in the future. Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF
Hospital, the best IVF centre is at the forefront of integrating technology for healthy deliveries.