This Certainly Confirms An IUI Pregnancy

This Certainly Confirms An IUI Pregnancy

Pregnancy news is welcomed with rejoicing and it surely sets things right for couples. However, not all couples are able to conceive naturally in the modern era, but rather, require a push or help. Currently, one of the easiest ways of conceiving is actually through IUI. Let’s look at the different concerns of IUI and what symptoms should a woman expect in case of an IUI pregnancy.

Signs & Symptoms of An IUI Pregnancy

Signs & Symptoms of An IUI Pregnancy

There are a number of symptoms that will help you learn that you have successfully conceived through IUI and these include;

  • Delayed Period

A menstrual delay is one of the immediate signs for an IUI pregnancy and generally pregnancy. In case you fail to get your period in time, it may indicate that you have successfully conceived. Your period will automatically get delayed as there are a hormonal imbalance and stress.

You should try to meet your fertility doctor or a gynecologist to confirm the news. In addition to the delayed periods, a woman may also experience cramping, and spotting, even after conceiving.

  • Bleeding

This is what is termed as ‘Implantation Bleeding’ and it occurs as the embryo implants itself in the uterine wall. However, the bleeding is minor and takes the form of spotting.

You will experience bleeding probably 2 weeks after the IUI procedure and this is completely normal. The bleeding may last for 12 days or less and it may occur alongside minor cramping.

  • Fatigue & Weakness

Fatigue and weakness are certainly normal reactions that you will feel in case you have successfully conceived. This is absolutely normal and it may be accompanied by anxiety as the body tries to adhere to the changes.

Due to the high levels of progesterone, you will certainly feel sleepy all the time and it is worsened as the body tries to pump up more blood.

  • Breast Tenderness

It is a notable sign and symptom of pregnancy in which you will feel your breasts sore and sensitive.

  • Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea is triggered by the increasing levels of estrogen hormone that drains the stomach. You will also have several changes in the odor which will also make you vomit.

With time, you will also experience food craving as well as aversions, urine frequency, among other pregnancy symptoms.

How Do Women Conceive Through IUI?

How Do Women Conceive Through IUI?

IUI “Intrauterine Insemination” is an infertility treatment where a fertility expert introduces the male sperms directly into the woman’s body to bypass any conception hindrance.

The procedure basically allows the sperms and the egg to meet easily for fertilization to occur. IUI is certainly the simplest ART treatment and it is also less expensive.

Its candidates must be thoroughly examined and evaluated by a fertility doctor.