Low sperm count: tips to Improve Sperm Count and Male Fertility

Tips to improve Sperm Count and Male Fertility

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Ludhiana: Millions of people are suffering from male fertility problems in which low sperm count problem is on the peak. Low sperm count problem can lead to infertility, due to which many people are struggling to have their own baby. Infertility is not only the problem of women but also experienced by males.

In this situation, they need to visit the IVF centre in India in order to get the best results. Your Gynaecologist may also suggest some lifestyle changes in order to improve your fertility and sperm count.

Tips to boost your fertility and low sperm count.

Have a healthy diet

Processed foods and poor diet surely lead you to low sperm count and other sexual problems. In order to boost your sperm count, you must stick to a healthy diet full of proteins, fibers, and minerals. You should consume green leafy vegetables, lentils, and fresh fruits. You can also go with walnuts, oysters, garlic, and salmon. You can also try dark chocolate in order to boost fertility and sperm count.

Quit Smoking

Smoking and tobacco contain many harmful chemicals which lead to lung cancer and also cause some sexual health problems. In this case, you must quit smoking so that you can get rid of infertility problem and you can simply boost your sperm count. This is necessary to enjoy parenthood at an early age, otherwise, it will surely lead you to permanent infertility. And which cannot even be treated with the help of infertility treatment.

Moreover, you should also avoid over-consumption of liquor because this is also caused fertility problems. You should talk to your specialist if you are unable to limit down your consumption of alcohol. He will definitely suggest you something effective in order to avoid liquor.


Exercise is an essential part of our life because it is useful to get rid of many health conditions and also useful to treat your fertility problems. You should daily go for morning and evening walk for at least 30 minutes and you can also go with gym exercises. But make sure practice all the exercise under the supervision of the trainer. And you should only go with those exercises which are useful to improve your fertility and sperm count as well.

Reduce stress and avoid hot tubs

You should avoid hot tubs and reduce stress because these both factors are harmful to your fertility. These are responsible for hormonal changes which further linked to fertility and sperm count. Excessive growth of testosterone hormone causes so many health problems, in which low sperm count is on the top. So, it is necessary for you to avoid the hot tubs and go with stress relief therapies in order to get rid of all the sexual health problems.