Top tips which help boost the success rate of IVF treatment

Increase the success rate of IVF

Infertility problem is increasing all the world which means that the women are not able to conceive on her own. This is the reason more and more people want to know about the treatment option of IVF as well its success rate. The good news is that the results of the treatment are better as compared to any other procedure.

Treatment of IVF

In the IVF procedure, the women are given fertility hormones which help in increasing its numbers. Once the eggs are retrieved they will be kept together with sperm in the laboratory for the fertilization process. Once the embryo is formed they will be put into the women’s reproductive tract.

  • Keep your weight healthy

For the treatment, you must keep your weight normal. The body-weight of the patient should be normal. Studies have shown that if the patient is overweight or underweight then it reduces the chances. It also increases the complications during the egg retrieval process.

  • Start Meditating and do not stress

No doubt, the journey can be quite stressful and to manage the work-life can be very difficult. This is why the patients are suggested that they should not take the stress. You should start doing meditation as it will help you DE-stress. Otherwise, stress can affect your fertility directly. So, start doing relaxation technique and meditate to improve your overall health.

  • Start Doing exercise

You might think exercise might affect your chances but it does not. You need to keep your body moving throughout the treatment. The patient engages in mild exercise but does not involve in anything vigorous which can affect your results. Doing exercise or yoga will also improve blood flow throughout the body.

When you visit the doctor make sure you understand the entire process so that the chances of treatment of test tube baby increases.

  • Optimizing the sperm health

Not only women, but men should also focus on their health to improve the success of treatment. The sperm quality and health will improve if you focus on your diet and start taking multivitamins. They should also wear boxers instead of briefs. Once the sperm production is increased it is very beneficial for the treatment.

  • Keep the diet balanced

For the treatment, you must start eating healthy. Your diet should have essential vitamins and protein in your diet. This is one of the best ways to increase the success of treatment. Start eating loads of fruits and vegetables as they will make you healthy and help the growth of your baby.

Consulting the doctor

Keep in mind that consulting the doctor about the treatment is very essential.  Book your appointment with our fertility doctor to get the best treatment plan.