Tracking Your Fertile Days to Achieve Pregnancy

Tracking Your Fertile Days to Achieve Pregnancy

Let’s get straight to the point and facts about pregnancy. Getting pregnant isn’t easy for many couples much as there is a high rate of unwanted pregnancies. Many women wish for miracles for a single pregnancy to occur, but as you pray, let’s have some few steps to take up in order to get pregnant.

What you have to Know

  • Timing sex is very important in case you are struggling with infertility

  • As a woman, you have 4-6 fertile days that you can exploit to get pregnant

  • Too much may be too much even when recommended. This applies to regular sex since it can lower the quality of the sperms

  • If you fail with the simple steps of getting pregnant, try to meet a fertility doctor to help you out, but you should never give up and that is why it is crucial to understand fertility in Women

Simple Steps to Getting Pregnant

A couple’s guide

  1. Understanding and Keeping Track of your Menstrual Periods

Modern technology has presented various tips for tracking periods. Some women may perceive tracking their periods as complicated, but the fact is you got to try out.

Do you know that mere marking day 1 and day last of your periods can help you determine the regularity or irregularity?

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, but this differs from one woman to another with a fact that some have 24 to 35 days.

Having sex 2 or 4 days of your menstrual periods may help you get pregnant

2. Determining your Ovulation days

Ovulation is simply described as the period of time in a month when an egg is released from the ovary to the Fallopian Tubes. Mastering your ovulation days is very important since the same is used when undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Fertility experts call it a fertility window and you have a 40% chance of getting pregnant during this time. Ovulation occurs 14 days before your menstrual periods begin, but this highly depends on the regularity of your periods. Having sex around these 14 days is excellent

Having understood your menstrual cycle, these 14 days will be obvious.

How to know that it is ovulation time;

  • Monitor your body changes

Some women may feel pain on the hip side of the ovary where the egg will be released from. Apart from the pain, increase in the body temperature is another sign of ovulation.

Use a thermometer to monitor your temperature taking it on a regular basis before you move out of bed.

  • Using an Ovulation Predictor Kit

They are available in pharmacies and drug stores, but they may be expensive for some couples. A woman has to urinate on the stick to evaluate the LH levels. Increasing Luteinizing Hormone is an indication that you are ovulating.

  • Looking at your Cervical Mucus

Prior to the fertile days, the cervical mucus released will appear sticky, clear, slippery or stretchy. This is an indication that the egg is being released

3. When to have sex

In case you observe all the above mentioned factors, then it is time to have sex. It doesn’t matter which position or style you use, but the most important thing is to have irregular sex prior to ovulation in order to get the best sperms.

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