Explain: If you are trying to get pregnant whether exercise can affect your fertility?

Does exercise affect your fertility

As we all know exercising daily with increase your strength and it also boosts your immune system. Whether you are man or women it is important that you keep your body balanced and healthy. But in case if a woman is trying to get pregnant then you might have to take a step back.

Does exercise affect your fertility?

The answer to this connection is ‘yes’. It can leave a very negative impact on fertility and if you are also not keeping your diet balanced. Studies have shown that, if you are vigorously exercising then it will increase the time of conception and this is in the case of normal weight. Women with normal weight, who exercise more than five hours will face problems in getting pregnant. The chances are 42% less as compared to women who don’t exercise at all. The chances will increase more if you are the women with normal weight is exercising vigorously.The women facing this issue should visit the IVF center in India.

Extreme exercise can disrupt the level of hormones

Researchers of different universities have found that high-intensity and prolonged exercise can increase the level of cortisol, while it decreases the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone is helpful in stimulating your metabolism and no one wants that the results of exercise should lower the level of metabolism.

Studies have shown that, even after 24 hours of doing the exercise, the cortisol level keeps on increasing whereas the thyroid hormone was very low. Both of them are linked to poor health which directly impacts the functioning of the thyroid and it also controls how your body handles stress. All these things will negatively impact the hormonal balance and your chances of getting pregnant.

What type of exercise to avoid?

Some of the exercise which can affect your fertility such as Bikram yoga (hot yoga), exercising seven days a week for more than one hour, running for many miles, regularly doing gymnastics, ballet or other types of sports, and extreme training sessions of boot-camp.

What type of exercise is best?

If a woman is undergoing test tube baby treatment, in that case also the doctor suggest avoiding exercise. Now let us see what type of exercise will be beneficial for pregnant women.

  • Women are trying to get pregnant should exercise around 30 minutes at a moderate level. This should be done only 3 times a week. Secondly, you can include strength training sessions of 30 minutes. You can include yoga sessions in some days but only one to two sessions. But don’t do any yoga poses after ovulation that compresses your abdomen.
  • Some of the exercises which are beneficial such as Zumba (2- 3 times a week), dancing, brisk walking (5 times a week for 30 minutes), Nia (2-3 times a week), light jogging, aerobics (3 times a week), swimming, and moderate bike riding.