Unlocking Fertility: The Crucial Role of Ovary Size In Getting Pregnant

Are ovarian cysts a dangerous health concern? What is done for the same?

The ovary size is given the utmost significance in a woman’s life. Ovaries have always played an important role from the initial events to the full-fledged pregnancies.

But there is another aspect that plays an important role in the initial stage of getting pregnant, that is ovary size.

In this blog, we will shed light on the importance of the size of ovaries in getting pregnant with the help of the Best IVF Centre in Punjab, which will also share some other factors that are important to be kept in mind while planning a pregnancy for your family.

Ovary Size and Its Importance in Getting Pregnant

Ovaries produce and release two types of hormones that are oestrogen and progesterone in women’s bodies. The eggs are also produced in the ovaries. The ovary size matters a lot as a small sized ovary can imply a lower egg reserve in women.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that higher ovary size can also ensure higher egg reserve in women. You should know that the size of ovaries are changeable. According to the best IVF centre in India, there are certain factors that are responsible for such changes. These factors will help you determine the success of the pregnancy.

Factors Affecting Changes in Ovary Sizes

The ovary size changes many times in a woman’s life span due to various reasons that are age, pregnancy, ovarian disorders, and hormonal stimulation. 

It is certain for an ovary to experience changes in its size, but it is important to know how and why this change happens. The Best IVF Centre in Ludhiana highlights the role and importance of ovary size to help women who want the right information while conceiving a child.

Here are some other things that will help you understand the significance of ovary size in the following:

  1. Easy Conception: Evidently, ovary size influences the good conceiving ability of a woman.  It also influences the number of conceivable eggs. Women who have smaller ovaries are the ones who are more likely to face difficulty in conception due to lower egg reserve.
    The Best IVF Centre in Punjab often recommends blood tests and ultrasound tests to evaluate the functioning of ovaries and its effectiveness, The ultrasound reports also suggests the follicle count in the ovaries to check whether the egg reserve in a woman is lower than the normal.
  2. Larger Ovaries And Chances of Pregnancies: Just like the smaller ovaries, large ovaries doesn’t necessarily mean that the egg reserve will be still high. The Best IVF Centre in India states that there are certain problems that will end up enlarging the ovaries. Sometimes, tumours and other problems like ovulation issues are the main cause of these issues.
    Therefore it is totally wrong to assume that a large ovary size can enhance the chances of pregnancy.
  3. Normal Ovary Size: A healthy ovary’s size is always 30 mm long, 25 mm wide, and 15 mm in thickness. In such ovaries, the number of egg reserves are always sufficient. However the right egg size is also important for fertility, which is around 22-24 mm and minimal size is about 1.8-2 mm. If it gets shrunk, there will be problems in conception.
    You can also ensure the right size of both ovary and egg by eating healthy food, regular workouts, and living a life without stress. You can also consult the experts at the Best IVF Centre in Ludhiana, who will guide you in your pregnancy journey.

PCOS Ovary Size

Polycystic ovaries can be identified in two ways in the following:

  1. When there are 12 or more follicles in the diameter of 2-9 mm.
  2. Both ovaries can have more than 10 cm3 of ovarian volume.

Here is a table that will give you a great idea of the size of ovaries by age given below

Above 604-5

Normal Size of Uterus

The normal size of the uterus is 7.5 cm long, 5 cm wide and 2.5 cm in adults. Apart from that it normally weighs around 30-40 grams.


There are many things that need to be kept in mind before planning a pregnancy as the ovaries are essential to be taken care of before you plan to become pregnant. It will help you start a beautiful family without any complications.