Unveiling the Mystery: 6 Tests to identify Male Infertility And Treat Them With Due Effect

Causes of male infertility

Male infertility is a problem that goes unnoticed. It is something that can shift the blame on the woman for the inability of the couple to reproduce. Sometimes, it creates a big problem for the couple, which can be really detrimental to their family life.

These problems make them a subject of ridicule, which will surely leave them dissatisfied with their lives.

In this blog, we will study the 6 important tests male partners need to undergo to detect infertility inside them.

6 Tests To Check Male Infertility

According to the most trusted IVF Centre in Punjab, here are the top tests that you need to undergo if you want to detect infertility at the earliest and get the best solutions:

  1. Semen and Sperm Analysis: The anomalies inside your sperm can be checked from your semen sample by the doctor. A trained lab technician will check the sample in the lab for count, shape, and movement. If there is a good amount of swimmers in the sample, it is a sign of fertility. If not, you will be prescribed further tests, which will confirm the presence of infertility and opt for suitable treatments.
  2. Physical examination of your scrotum: According to the most advanced IVF Centre in India, you should go to your doctor to get your scrotum physically examined. They will check for the presence of varicoceles, which happens due to malformation in your blood vessels, due to which the veins get engorged and coils prevent sperm production. This condition is corrected through surgery.
  3. Ultrasound: It is the non-invasive way through which doctors check your reproductive system. It will help them detect any blockages inside them that can prevent you from becoming a parent. It also detects ejaculatory disorders such as retrograde ejaculation, which makes the semen go back into the bladder. It happens due to scar tissue that happens due to surgery or undiagnosed infection.
  4. Vasography: According to the Best IVF Centre in Jalandhar, This procedure is used to detect issues in your vas deferens, such as a blockage. In this procedure, a small incision is made in your scrotum, and the doctor injects dye directly into the vas deferens to clearly examine it through a series of X-rays.
  5. Testicular Biopsy: It is required if you don’t produce despite having normal hormones. The doctor examines a small piece of your tissue. This will tell them the amount of sperm you produce and detect underlying conditions or diseases.
  6. Hormonal Measurement: Hormonal balance influences the overall sperm production and movement to the egg. As per the Best IVF Centre in Jalandhar, hormonal imbalance symbolises the presence of an undiagnosed problem in your hypothalamus or pituitary glands. Some of these symptoms are low testosterone levels, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and other problems. Hormones are measured via blood tests, usually done in the morning as the testosterone is at its peak level at that time.


You don’t need to lose your heart and give up on your journey to start a family, as you can get these tests done as soon as possible and avoid problems that can prevent you from the bliss of parenthood.