Varicocele: Its Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments

What Is Varicocele And How Is It Treated?

In the current era, infertility has become a common issue for both males and females. The fast-paced life and excessive reliance on technology have made people weak, sedentary and stressed. Furthermore, unhealthy eating habits are also one of the causes of infertility because the body lacks the nutrition required to maintain healthy organs, which further helps in creating healthy eggs and sperm quality. 

In females, PCOS, fallopian tube blockages, and in males, varicocele, low sperm count, etc. can cause infertility. However, these issues can be treated by consulting an IVF specialist from the best IVF Centre in Punjab. In this blog, we will understand varicocele in depth.


Varicocele is a common reason for male infertility. Varicocele is the enlargement or swelling of veins in the scrotum. These swollen veins can sometimes cause symptoms mild or severe or even no symptoms at all. Varicocele is a disorder that causes the veins in the scrotum to swell. As long as you don’t feel any pain or symptoms, varicocele may not require treatment, but if you do experience pain, you may have to consult a specialist.

Varicocele accounts for nearly 40% of male infertility cases, although how it directly affects infertility is not exactly known, as some people are able to conceive successfully despite having varicocele. If you experience pain, get it treated at an affordable cost at the IVF centre in Ludhiana. This is a common issue and should not be ignored or avoided. Hence, it is crucial for men to get professional help as varicocele can be treated effectively.

Symptoms Of Varicocele

  • Severe or recurring pain in testicles
  • Lump in one of the testicles
  • Swollen testicles
  • Infertility
  • A visible lump above the affected testicle
  • Testicular atrophy or shrinking in your testicles

Grades Of Varicocele

When you consult your IVF specialist or healthcare provider from the best IVF centre in Punjab, they check the grade of varicocele. There are different grades in varicocele, such as:

  • Grade 0: The smallest varicocele is grade 0, which cannot be seen or felt but is visible in ultrasound.
  • Grade 1: In this grade of varicocele, the doctor cannot see it. It can only be felt if the Valsalva manoeuvre is performed. 
  • Grade 2: In grade 2, varicocele is still not visible but can be felt even without performing Valsalva manoeuvre. 
  • Grade 3: This is the largest varicocele. In this grade, your doctor can see and feel varicocele clearly.

Diagnosis and Treatment Of Varicocele

Varicocele can be diagnosed with the help of blood tests, pelvic ultrasound, and semen analysis. For treatments, a varicocele may not require any treatment if it causes no symptoms. However, in case it causes symptoms, you can get the following treatments at an affordable cost IVF centre in Ludhiana; these treatments are:

  • Routine Change: Notice what causes you pain. Is it clothing? Or sitting or standing for too long is causing you pain. Accordingly, change your routine, and most of the problems (if they are mild) can be resolved.
  • Ice/ Cold Compress: Apply ice wrapped in a cloth or bag for 10-15 minutes on the affected area to alleviate pain and swelling.
  • Medications: Your doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce swelling and ameliorate the pain. However, it is crucial to consult your doctor and not take any medication on your own, as it can be harmful.
  • Surgery: In severe cases, surgery is suggested in which doctors remove and seal the affected swollen veins in the scrotum and redirect the blood flow to other healthy veins. It takes six weeks for patients to fully recover after the surgery. 


Both in males and females, infertility has become a common issue, but they can get it treated from the best IVF centre in Punjab and fulfil their dream of becoming parents. Varicocele is a common issue that causes infertility in males. In this, the veins in the scrotum get swollen and cause pain. There are diagnoses and treatments available that can successfully treat varicocele, and hence, it is crucial to visit a specialist and resolve your issue.

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