We Provide IVF Treatment With Medical Ethics And Moral Beliefs

We Provide IVF Treatment With Medical Ethics And Moral Beliefs

We respect our patients for us patient’s satisfaction at each step of the procedure is of paramount importance. So while providing treatment like IVF we keep in minds that our patients could have some moral beliefs and values so we also respect their feelings.

1. First of all, transparency in the treatment is our first ethic which allows us to clear all doubts of patient and to aware him about treatment, its expected results, chances of success or failure if any, what can be the potential side effects or complications of the treatment, all these facts are discussed with the IVF couple before the treatment so that they can confidently take their decision about having baby with lab-based IVF treatment.

2. Secondly, a patient’s privacy is also very important as sometimes childless couples do not like to disclose their names so we respect their feelings and take care of their privacy and keep their records confidential.

3. We highly take care of the patient’s consent. India is a multi-religion country so on daily basis we interact with many patients who can be Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Sikh and of many other religions and they have great concern for their religion. So we provide lab assisted conception treatment by virtually all faiths means we provide the guarantee that eggs and sperms of the particular patients will never be used in the way they have not explicitly or implicitly consented for.

4. The entire process of IVF is continued with the equal acceptance of patient physically, mentally and emotionally. As the different patients have different doubts and beliefs about this advanced technology of providing lab-based conception so all their beliefs are taken care of. Some people do not do not want to store their eggs, embryos, and sperms for future use as they could have their thinking so we do not force such patients and some patients find this option of freezing eggs, embryos and sperms very attractive so they choose this option as they wish to.

5. Sometimes females do not want to have the option of production of multiple eggs so we provide them IVF treatment without inducing stimulation as they want their naturally produced egg to be fertilized with their husband’s sperm so we do so whereas some do not want to take a chance so they go for IVF with induced stimulation to produce and fertilized more eggs so that the healthiest one embryo could be implanted in their womb.

All in all, our every patient is important to us so we provide the customized treatment plan to the patient according to our best ethics and patient’s moral beliefs.