What are the causes and treatment of male infertility?

What are the causes and treatment of male infertility

Infertility might be coming from either one or both the sides. The best option is to see a doctor if you have nagging doubts about being in that category. A number of tests may be carried out for the same.

Male infertility tests include.


  1. A thorough physical examination along with the medical history

The surgeon will thoroughly examine the genital area of the male. He will also inquire about any inherited problems. You might also have to furnish details about any past illnesses, surgeries, injuries or health problems which might be related to the problem. A detailed discussion about sexual habits and sexual development during puberty might also take place.

  1. Semen analysis

The semen sample is obtained in a special container and the sperms are analyzed for anomalies in the morphology and motility. It will also be analyzed for the presence of any infection.

  1. Ultrasound of the scrotum area

This test helps the doctor in analyzing Infertility if the problem lies within your testicles and the supporting structures. Presence of a varicocele is also detected through this test.

  1. Hormone Profile

Malfunctioning of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus might lead to low secretion of hormones crucial for sperm production. A complete hormone profile testing can be done by analyzing the level of testosterone and other hormones.

  1. Post-ejaculation urinalysis

If the male is suffering from a condition in which the sperm are present in the urine, it means that the sperm is going back towards the bladder instead of being ejaculated outside.

  1. Genetic anomalies

Low sperm concentration might be tracked down to a genetic anomaly. Genetic testing will reveal the presence of any such condition.

  1. Testicular Biopsy

Some samples are taken from the testicle with the help of a needle and examined. If the test reveals normal sperm count then it is an indication that the problem lies in the transportation of the sperms.

  1. Special tests related to the sperm

These tests determine whether the sperm will survive well after ejaculation, or have any problem in penetrating the egg or attaching to it. These tests are carried out in rare cases.


Post-diagnosis, the treatment is carried out. This includes-

  1. Surgery-Sperm retrieval directly from the testicle or epididymis, reversing a vasectomy or correcting a varicocele can be done through a surgery.
  2. Treatment of infections-Infections is treated using antibiotics.
  3. Treatment of sexual problems-Problems like Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are addressed.
  4. Restoring the hormonal Imbalance-If the hormones are playing spoilsport, hormone replacement medications are prescribed.