What are the surprising facts about baby kicks in the womb during pregnancy?

What are the surprising facts about baby kicks in the womb during pregnancy

Pregnancy has three time periods, known as trimesters. Numerous ladies feel same however many women experience different things, both physically and mentally, during each trimester of pregnancy. You encounter several changes such as your body secretions increase, the heart works harder, joints and ligaments are more flexible, your temperature registers slightly higher, mood changes, and hormonal changes.

Numerous people are unable to feel these changes since they are unable to produce their own child. In this situation, they must visit the best infertility clinic, which provides the best medications to get rid of this issue. Moreover, they also recommend you to take the medical procedure or surgery.

Different trimester of pregnancy period-: 

The First Trimester begins about 0 weeks up to 13 Weeks-:

This trimester of pregnancy is the most important period of your infant’s development. During this period, your baby’s organ systems and body structure develop. Numerous birth defects and miscarriages occur amid the first trimester. Additionally, You experience many changes during this period, such as frequent urination, nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, and tiredness.

The Second Trimester  starts from the 14th week up to 26th Week-:

The period of pregnancy is basically known as “the golden period”. During the second trimester, you encounter a set of symptoms such as leg cramps, constipation, back pain, abdominal pain, heartburn, an increased energy level, decreased nausea, and better sleep patterns. Moreover, During this trimester you may experience fluttering movements of your baby.

The Third Trimester begins from the 27th week up to 40th Week-:

The physical symptoms you might encounter amid the third trimester such as- urinary incontinence, varicose veins, shortness of breath, sleeping problems, and hemorrhoids.

Interesting facts about Baby’s Kicks during the Pregnancy-: 

Feeling your baby’s kicks during pregnancy is a special experience for numerous mothers, especially for the women who are experiencing it for the first time. These movements are an indication that your baby growing in your womb is reaching a new milestone of development.

  1. Your Baby is Responding to Environmental Change-:

Kicking defines the movements of baby’s limbs in response to external environments like – food and noise. These baby kicks describe the appropriate development and good health of your infant. These kicks are usually noticed in the second trimester of pregnancy, i.e in the 26th week.

  1. Baby’s Kicks Increases after a Meal-: 

You may experience more kicks after the meals. Basically, a healthy baby should kick an average of about 15 to 20 times a day.

  1. Kicks Signal Good Development of a Healthy Baby-: 

A baby kick describes the good health and development of the baby. You may encounter that your unborn baby stretches out her limbs during the beginning weeks of your pregnancy, such as a swish feeling or flutter in your lower abdomen.

  1. Expect More Baby’s Kicks if You Lie on Your Left Side-:

The recurrence of your unborn infant’s kicks increases in the event that you sleep on the left side. This is essential that there is an expanded supply of blood to the baby in hopeful mothers who lie on their left side. Lying on the left side amid pregnancy boosts the blood supply to the baby.