What are the tests and treatments available for women with egg production problems?

Tests available for fertility issues in women

Fertility issues are common in millions of women, due to which they are unable to conceive a baby naturally. This is a frustrating and embarrassing thing, which results in sadness as well as depression. This is caused due to less number of eggs for fertilization. When a woman ages, her fertility declines and she stops producing healthy or quality eggs for fertilization.

Women are born with a limited number of eggs, and due to overage, the number of healthy eggs decreases. Also, she may suffer from abnormalities in the ovaries that result in a low number of eggs.

These ovary problems are additionally known as premature menopause, in which the number of healthy eggs decreases as you age. Some women start experiencing primary ovarian insufficiency due to irregular menstrual periods.

In this condition, you need to visit the IVF center for diagnosis and treatment. You may need to undergo IVF treatment to get rid of this condition. This is the only treatment, which gives you new hope to conceive a baby naturally. To get the treatment, you need to get a proper check-up of your condition.


  • You need to undergo blood tests to determine the levels of hormones in your body that are valuable for fertilization.
  • Ultrasonography

These tests are performed if you are having problems with eggs or for below-mentioned ladies-:

  • Who has responded poorly to fertility drugs
  • Fertility drugs are valuable to stimulate eggs to mature for fertilization.
  • Who have had ovarian surgery
  • Who are 35 years old or more than

Lab Test

Estrogens levels

Your specialist performs the hormone test to know about the levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone as well as estrogen in your blood in the menstrual cycle. These hormones are beneficial to release eggs for fertilization, this process is known as ovulation. Not only decreased levels of estrogen affect ovulation, but also increased levels of follicle-stimulating hormone results in problems with eggs.

Your specialist recommends Clomiphene to regulate the hormone levels. And then he again performs the hormonal tests to know the levels.

The most reliable and valuable tests for diagnosing problems with eggs include-:

Blood tests-: This test is valuable to determine the levels of antimüllerian hormone. This is specially performed to know about ovulation problems.

Ultrasonography-: It is a type of an ultrasound device, that is inserted in the vagina to count and view the number of follicles.


  • Well, the treatment is based on the woman’s condition and age too. In certain cases, the specialist prescribes clomiphene, human gonadotropins, and letrozole.
  • Or you may need to undergo infertility treatment such as In-Vitro fertilization. This is specially designed for women who are suffering from certain fertility issues including egg production problems or ovulation problems.
  • Or if you are older than 40 years, then you need to go with donor egg treatment, because it is the only way to conceive a baby without any problem. You can talk to the doctor to get detailed information about infertility treatment options.