What are the tips given by fertility experts to boost the sperm count?

What are the tips given by fertility experts to boost the sperm count

Family planning is an important part of the married couple. In many cases, people can conceive on the first try. No doubt, every couple wishes to start a family on their own. Not only women but men’s health is important when you are trying to conceive. The major factor which plays an important role in sperm count.

In case you are diagnosed with infertility and you are wondering what your partner can do to increase the sperm count then read the given topic for better understanding. Just make sure that you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab to know what needs to be done.


What are the tips to increase the sperm count?

For a healthy pregnancy, there are enough sperms so that the eggs can be fertilized. If a couple is facing problems conceiving then they can get benefit by undergoing the IVF treatment. The success rate of IVF is extremely high as compared to other fertility treatments.

  • Control your weight

If a man is overweight then it can impact sperm health greatly. By losing weight the semen value gets back to normal and sperm movement is improved.

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle

You need to give importance to what you eat and what you do daily. If you do not do exercise or eat unhealthy food then it affects the sperm count to a great extent.

  • Intake of essential nutrients

Your body as well as sperm needs all the essential nutrients. Make sure your platter has food that is filled with Vitamin E, D, and C. By doing so, the sperm count will improve.

  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol

You need to reduce the consumption of alcohol and do not smoke. Smoking cigarettes leads to the presence of harmful chemicals in the body which can impact your entire health greatly. You need to limit alcohol consumption and do not smoke when you are trying to conceive.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is important for your entire body. When you get proper sleep you will see improvement in the quality and quantity of the sperm. Make sure to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

  • Include antioxidants

Along with a well-balanced diet you need to include essential antioxidants in your food. These can deactivate the damaged cells in the body. Make sure that you eat them daily so that your sperm health is improved greatly and your chances to conceive increase.

  • Include folate and zinc

Studies have shown that folate and zinc are a great option to benefit sperm health. You should consult the fertility expert to understand how much you need to eat in one day.

  • Use herbal oils

You need to use the herbal oils to massage the body once you have taken the bath.

Apart from that, you should avoid the use of plastic containers and plastic bottles as their use is not considered beneficial. If you have any doubt, then make sure to get in touch with our fertility expert to get a better understanding.