What are the tips to increase sperm count for improved pregnancy results?

What are the tips to increase sperm count for improved pregnancy results

Family planning is important for a married couple. Lucky are the ones who do not have to make an effort to conceive. Enjoying the journey of parenthood is a blessing for every couple. However, every couple’s journey for conception is different.

In many cases, it is seen that the male partner is infertile which affects the chances of conception. If the sperm is not released by the male partner it can make it difficult for them to conceive. Low sperm count can occur due to different reasons.

 Here we are going to discuss the way to increase sperm count for increased pregnancy results.

What is the way to increase sperm count?

The male body produces testosterone which triggers the hormone and maintains sperm production. For a healthy pregnancy, enough sperm are needed. If the male partner is having issues then with the help of IVF treatment the chances of a healthy pregnancy are increased. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep control of weight

If the male partner is overweight it affects sperm quality. Make sure to lose weight as it increases the semen volume and sperm movement.

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle

You need to live a healthy lifestyle and do regular exercise which increases the sperm count.

  • Reduce the consumption of drugs

Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco affect sperm health and fertility adversely. You need to avoid them to increase the sperm count.

  • Intake of vitamins

During this time, increase the intake of essential vitamins like Vitamin E, D, and C which maintains the sperm count.

  • Wear loose clothes

The sperm environment needs to be healthy. For that, you should wear loose clothes as it allows the air to pass from the scrotum.

  • Do not smoke

Smoking cigarettes leads to exposure to harmful chemicals in the body which reduces the sperm count.

  • Get enough sleep

Make sure that you get enough sleep as it improves the quality and quantity of the sperm.

  • Follow a balanced diet

Make sure your diet is well balanced. It needs to have all the essential antioxidants which help to deactivate the compounds which damage the human cells. It is important to have a regular intake of essential food as it increases the sperm count in the body.

  • Increase folate and zinc

You need to increase the consumption of zinc and folate daily as it improves sperm overall health which is important for conception.

  • Control stress level

You need to control the stress level daily. Make sure to get enough rest so that sperm health is proper.

  • Avoid plastic material

Do not use plastic material to keep the food and avoid the use of plastic bottles. If you have any doubt in your mind then make sure to consult the fertility expert and get a better understanding of what to do.

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