What Can be Learned from Kate, in ‘This is us” About IVF?

What Can be Learned from Kate, in ‘This is us” About IVF?

A popular TV show, named, This is us, talks on a variety of topics. The show is very popular and has a good TRP, it talks about various topics like, adoption, anxiety disorders, identity crisis, loss of a near and dear one, alcoholism to name a few. A new episode which aired on the show talked about one more topic, which is quite common these days, which is PCOS and related issues, it talked about Kate’s infertility.

Many studies have proven that one in 10 women, in reproductive age, have gone through PCOS another study concluded that 10 percent women in the age of 30- 44 have trouble conceiving or staying pregnant post one year of trying, and they are identified as being ‘infertile’. This is Us, is the only TV show which gathered the courage to speak about the disorder, on numerous levels. More importantly, about Randall’s loss of his separated biological father.

In case you don’t know much about PCOS, let me throw some light on the same. It is caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones which cause more problems.

Other symptoms include irregular periods, abnormal hair growth along with acne. Many women have been through this, many have had cysts grow into severe rocks. Many have gone through surgeries to get them removed. Hence, many women are able to relate to Kate, very well. Many times it so happens that even our near and dear ones are not able to understand what is wrong with us and even we are not able to tell them what truly is going on, within ourselves, that also because of many reasons, because we fear that they will be hurt, or sometimes even we are not sure of what is going around us (inside your body).

You feel like doing something to yourself, but the mere thought of your family stops you from taking any step, further.

Though excess weight can harm hormone function and also interfere with success rates of IVF, again leading to PCOS, it also doesn’t mean a high-risk patient like Kate, cannot receive treatment.