What if Missed Period Still Negative Pregnancy Test

What if Missed Period Still Negative Pregnancy Test
What if Missed Period Still Negative Pregnancy Test


Missed period is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy but it is likely to happen that even after missing period women get negative pregnancy test.

It is really matter of concern for the women who are trying to conceive and still getting negative pregnancy test even after missing menstrual cycle.  According to Dr. Sumita Sofat this may happen when generally women perform pregnancy test at home with the kits available in market.

What are causes for negative pregnancy test?

There can be two cases to discuss the reasons for the negative test even after missing period.

•    You have conceived

If you are experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy but still got negative test then there can be few reasons according to Sofat Infertility Clinic experts.

1.    Some time some pregnancy kits are less sensitive to the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). HCG is hormone that presents in the urine only during pregnancy. If you are having low level of this hormone in very initial days then there are more chances of false pregnancy test even of you are.

2.    If you have performed the test with the wrong sample of urine means of while testing you have not used the first urine of the morning after waking up which is more concentrated and if you have performed the test on diluted urine after drinking lot of water then test comes out to be negative.

3.    In case of ectopic pregnancy there can be negative test as when there are problems in pregnancy then level of HCG get lower of decrease so the test result can be negative even if you are having pregnancy.

4.    If you have performed test too early even then the results can negative as on average basis after 7- 10 days of egg fertilization HCG level goes high up to 20mlu/ml and in prior days due to lower levels test kits cannot detect HCG that leads to negative result.

•    You have not conceived

Women have menstrual cycle depending on their hormonal cycle and due to some reasons this cycle can get interrupt so if you have not conceived and you missed your periods there can be various reasons for that such as

1.    Jetlag
2.    Hormonal imbalance
3.    Typhoid problem
4.    Side effects of  certain medicines
5.    Mental and physical stress
6.    Bad eating habits
7.    Reproductive disorder
8.    Excess of exercise
9.     High level of prolactin

What to do after negative test

In first case if you are having early symptoms for pregnancy but still false negative test then you must consult the clinic for surety and confirmation.

According to Sofat experts it is mandatory to visit lab after 7-10 days of missing period for the pregnancy test.

In second case if you are not pregnant but missing period then you must concern some experts for further medication and proper treatment.