What immune problems does body faces in Infertility?

What immune problems does body faces in Infertility

Immune system dysfunction can affect the working of the entire body. If there are autoimmune diseases, the immune system will not work in the way it needs to. The body itself attacks and destroys healthy tissues. This way the body cannot fight against the bacteria. Read the guide to learn what immune problems your body face during fertility.

What results in the Immune problem?

People with an autoimmune disorder like lupus, thyroid, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid disease, or several other conditions can affect daily working. The treatment which the doctor gives is focused on managing the problem through medications. People with autoimmune diseases are divided into 2 types:

  • Primary immunodeficiency is something genetic or you’re born with. Immunodeficiency disorders are of various types and they are categorized by primary but they are uncommon.
  • Secondary immune deficiencies occur due to serious infection, or a toxic chemical used during chemotherapy, certain cancers, severe burns, radiation, malnutrition, AIDS, and viral hepatitis. Getting exposed to these chemicals means the immune system gets weak and they can have many infections.

How Immune system problems result in infertility?

Immune problems impact fertility in many ways. The body not only affects the foreign invaders but the non-foreign tissues also result in problems. This will result in inflammation and ovulation does not occur.

Moreover, when the body gets attacked, the sperm gets destroyed and the embryo which can be a very big threat. For the body, it will get difficult to conceive naturally

For a smooth and safe pregnancy, the uterus needs to accept and then nurture the embryo for development. The immune system triggers the blood vessels and helps to create a place for the placenta to grow and develop the baby normally. If the immune system is not working the way it should then there is the risk of infection and disease, due to which the pregnancy won’t be normal.

What is the treatment for immune disease for infertility?

When you know that you have an autoimmune disorder, you should seek help from the IVF doctor. Make sure, you visit the best IVF centre, so that you can get the treatment that suits your situation the best. If the immune system is abnormal then it increases the risk of miscarriage. It is essential to get the treatment from the best medical expert so that you go through fertility treatment smoothly.

If you have a recurrent miscarriage, then the doctor will do the infertility test to diagnose your condition in a better manner.

Every patient will get the treatment that suits their condition the best. No doubt, IVF is the best treatment plan for the infertile cases and it has helped to increase the pregnancy outcomes.

If you are struggling to get conceive then talk to the doctor by booking your appointment today only!