What is an implantation window? What is the importance of the ERA procedure in embryo transfer?

The much-needed information on - ERA

ERA – Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

This is the kind of test that is carried out at the IVF Centre in Punjab in which the small sample from the endometrial lining is taken which helps quintessentially to ascertain if the uterus is ready to get implanted with the embryo or not. This procedure is considered by every infertility clinic in Ludhiana that performs the IVF procedure.

Do You Know About ‘Implantation Window’?

The implantation window is the term given to the 5 days in the menstrual cycle that may last from the 19th to the 23rd day. This is the time in which the uterus becomes capable of undergoing the implantation process. This is considered the crucial part of the luteal phase. During the period of the implantation window, the endocrine part of the ovaries generates the maximum levels of progesterone.

What is the role of progesterone in the implantation window?

With the progesterone levels, the modifications are being brought into the uterine wall. With these modifications, the uterine wall gets thoroughly prepared for receiving the embryo.


When the implantation is in its active phase, certain kinds of proteins are getting generated which is accountable for making the lining thicker and receptive. In the case of the 84% of the windows, this window emerges at the same time, but as far as the left 16% of the women are concerned, then this window is accountable for emerging either before or after this period.

Do you know?

When the implantation window is not emerging at the right time, then IVF treatment is at high risk of failing.

When Should It Be Prescribed?

The ERA is only prescribed in those cases where the implantation process is encountering recurrent failures.

How Is ERA Carried Out?

In this procedure, the first stage is supposed to be extracting the small endometrial tissues. The expression levels of the genes help in determining endometrial receptivity.

With this technique, you can assess the RNA levels. These levels are to be taken into account by considering the different stages of the menstrual cycle.

Do you know?

This kind of test is reproducible which means its findings remain the same no matter how much time has passed.

ERA Helps To Find Out:

With ERA, it has become possible to find out whether the implantation window is taking place for the particular woman at the right time or not. Based on that, it can be found out at what time the transfer of the embryo is to be done. This is important as if the embryo will be transferred at the wrong time, then the endometrial lining will fail to synchronize with the embryo.

What Are The Variegated Benefits Of Undergoing The Same?

As the ERA helps to attain the much-required evidence as far as the implantation window is concerned, the embryo transfer can be sought to be carried out at the right time. If the embryo will be transferred at the right time then there are 100 percent chances that you will attain successful results.

The biggest benefit of taking the ERA process into account, the agony and the disappointment of the failed embryo transfer can be thoroughly gotten rid of.

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