What is ICSI fertility treatment? What are the top facts about the ICSI?

Interesting facts about ICSI treatment

Most of the time when a couple visits the IVF centre to consult about the fertility treatment, both of the partners are diagnosed with infertility. In such cases, to improve the chances of conception the couple is recommended the treatment of IVF along with ICSI.

How does ICSI procedure work?

In the ICSI procedure, a tiny needle is used named ‘micropipette’. With the needle, the sperm is injected into the egg directly. After that, fertilization occurs which results in the development of the embryo. The embryo is kept in the laboratory for 2 to 5 days and then transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract.

What is the need for ICSI?

ICSI is effective is treating the male fertility problem like:

  • The sperm movement is abnormal.

  • The sperm count is too low.

  • The sperm is not able to attach the egg properly.

  • The male reproductive tract is blocked which does not allow the sperm to come out.

  • Previously frozen eggs can be used.

Interesting facts about ICSI

  • Less use of donor sperm

The ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) procedure started in 1992 and after that, the use of donor sperm dropped drastically. All the men who have been diagnosed with male infertility can get help from the ICSI procedure. After the IVF procedure, it has been the second greatest revolution in the field of medical science.

  • ICSI is an affordable treatment

The procedure is performed by an experienced embryologist and it takes just a few minutes. You need to find the clinic that charges you the right amount and give you reliable information.

  • ICSI can be considered without a male infertility problem

No doubt, the treatment is best in selecting the best sperm sample which improves the conception rate also. Additionally, the treatment has developed a lot in the past 28 years. Patients who have problems with fewer eggs or a history of poor fertilization can also get the treatment of ICSI.

ICSI procedure check different parameters

The semen analysis is done to check the sperm on the main 5 parameters which include:

  • Sperm motility (movement)

  • Sperm Morphology (shape)

  • Sperm concentration

  • Sperm Volume (total count)

  • Sperm progressive motility

Surprisingly, with just one test all the parameters will be checked and help the patient to get reliable treatment. The patient with these factors will get help:

  • Sperm concentration below 15 million/ml

  • Progressive motility less than 32%

  • Morphology less than 4%

  • he success of ICSI depends on different things

IVF cycle used along with ICSI is dependent on different things. Like, if the female partner is fertile and the male partner has sperm issues the success rate is high. You need to choose an experienced and skilled fertility doctor. Just, make sure to ask your doctor in detail about everything before moving forward with the treatment.