What Is Included In The Prenatal Care And Postpartum Care?

What Is Included In The Prenatal Care And Postpartum Care?

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is essential to decrease the risk during pregnancy. This also increases the chance of the safe and healthy delivery. A regular visit to the best IVF centre in Rajpura will help you to prevent from complications that otherwise become serious.

Without the parental care, there may be more chances of having a baby with the low weight. Prenatal care is beginning before the three months before you try starting the conception. You just have to adopt some healthy habits in your lifestyle:

  • Firstly, you have to quit the smoking and drinking alcohol.

  • Start taking folic acid supplements daily. This will help you greatly in the conception

  • The third recommendation is to consult the best IVF centre in Rampura Phul about the various medical conditions, dietary supplements etc.

  • Stop using the toxic and chemical substances at home. This will restrict your conception

Postpartum Care

The Postpartum care is essential and it lasts for the six to the eight weeks. In this time period, the mother is going through the physical and the emotional changes. At this time, she is learning how to take care of the new born baby.

Getting Enough Rest

Rest is important for the new mothers as she has to rebuild the strength. In order to avoid the excess amount of the tiredness, you should sleep when your baby sleeps. Always keep your bed near to the crib of the baby. This will help you to feed the baby easier. The next thing is to allow someone else to feed your baby with the bottle while you are sleeping.

Eating Right

Proper nutrition is important at the time of the postpartum. The main reason is that your body changes during the time of pregnancy and the labor.

The excessive weight will help you to feed your baby. This is vital to eat the healthy diet after the delivery. It is recommended by the best IVF centre in Sultanpur Lodhi that mother should eat something when she feels hungry. Following are some foods that mother should be avoided.

  • Don’t consume high-fat snacks.

  • Try to consume low-fat foods that are essential to maintaining the balance of the protein, carbohydrates etc.

  • Drink plenty of water and consume an excessive amount of the fluids.

Vaginal Care

Vaginal care is the essential part of the postpartum care. Sometimes you will experience vaginal soreness. This will occur if you have a tear at the time of the delivery. Sometimes you will experience urination problems. You may feel pain and frequent urge to urine. There may be chances of the discharging of the small blood clots. You may experience contradictions during the first few days of the pregnancy.

You have to consult the doctors in every six weeks after the delivery. You should not do sexual intercourse for at least four to six weeks. This will help you to get the proper time to heal the vagina.

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