What is ovulation induction and how it works for infertility?

Treatment of Ovulation Induction

What is ovulation induction?

Ovulation induction is the process of stimulating ovulation by using the medication. It is used for those women who are facing the issue of either irregular or absent ovulation (anovulation).  There are around 30% of women who are facing infertility because of ovulation issue, according to the National Institutes of Health.

If the ovulation is normal then the ovaries release an egg which will be fertilized. This process occurs every 28 days during the monthly cycle. Also, 21 to 35 days interval is acceptable for normal ovulation. If the fertilization does not occur when the mature egg and other tissues will be cleared naturally from the uterus.

With ovulation induction, the women are able to conceive by using the fertility treatment which includes medications, IVF, and IUI.

Who is eligible for treatment?

The women who are facing the issue of ovulation and PCOS can get benefit from this treatment. The doctor will determine the hormone level (AMH and LH), health-related issue (eating disorder, thyroid disorder, and obesity), level of exercise you do, and issues which affect the ovulation. Moreover, you should not worry as the Ovulation Induction Treatment Cost in India is affordable as compared to other places.

Explain the treatment of ovulation induction?

Ovulation is induced with two types of medications either with oral medication or daily injections. In case you are getting treatment of IVF or IUI with ovulation induction then also both of them are suitable.  

  • Clomid

      It is also known as Clomiphene. With this medication, the estrogen receptor is blocked in the body. The medication helps in triggering the hormone production in the body. Basically, the development in stimulated in the ovaries of either one or more follicles. The follicles are small sac which is filled with fluid in the ovaries and contains an egg. The egg will be released if they develop and get mature. The medication is taken by the patient for 5 days in the first half of the monthly cycle. There are some side effects which goes away in a few days such as mood change, irritability, hot flushes, and thickening of cervical mucus.

  • FSH injection

      FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is an injection which is given daily in the first half of the monthly cycle. It is given with a very fine needle which is injected under the skin.

What is the process of ovulation induction?


The doctor will evaluate your ovulation cycle by doing a blood test which helps in measuring the hormone level. In addition to this, the development of the follicles is checked in the ovaries along with uterus lining thickness and appearance.

Giving the medication

The medications are given so that the ovaries are stimulated which helps in promoting the growth of follicles. The doctor will make sure the appropriate medication is given according to the situation.


After that, the doctor will keep a close check on your health to see how well your body is responding to the treatment. Additionally, near the ovulation, the treatment of IUI will be performed so that sperm can be inserted into the uterus.

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