What Is Sperm And Its Life Span In A Female’s Body After Intercourse?

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A male reproductive cell that is responsible for fertilization with female eggs during sexual reproduction is known as sperm. They are very small cells that take the genetic information from the male to get combined with the genetic material of the female. In the testicles, the production of sperm takes place, and this procedure is known as a process called spermatogenesis. Some sperms are strong, while some can be weak. However, weakness in sperm can be treated at the best IVF Center in Srinagar. 

What is the definition of sperm? 

Sperm are important for the formation of an embryo. Sperm is a reproductive cell in males that is very small in size, and it contains the genetic information from the father to combine with the genetic material of the mother. The production of sperm is known as spermatogenesis. When the sperms get mature they gain the ability to swim during ejaculation. 

How many days does sperm exist in the female body? 

Normally, sperm stay in the female body for 3-5 days after coitus. It depends on several factors, including the condition of the reproductive tract and the health of the sperm, which matters for the existence of the female body. The reproductive tract of females provides an appropriate environment for the sperm to stay in the body, especially during ovulation. Ovulation is a procedure of releasing an egg from the ovary in the middle of the menstrual cycle. 

The function of the sperm

Sperm plays a special role in the procedure of formation of the fetus. The function of the sperm is as follows: 

  • Genetic Delivery: Sperms carry genetic material from the male, it contains half of the needed information that is helpful to make a unique child. It delivers the tiny packages of the genetic material. 
  • Epic Journey: The journey of Sperm starts on a heroic adventure, in the testicles and going through a training phase in the epididymis. During the ejaculation moment, it comes out through the male reproductive system and starts swimming against the odds to reach the female reproductive system.
  • Fertilization Mission: The main event! When a sperm successfully meets an egg, it’s like a cosmic high-five. The genetic materials of the father and mother, the sperm and the egg, get combined for the creation of a single cell that develops into a full-fledged human being after some time. 
  • Beginning of New Life:  The division of the fertilized egg for the further growth and formation of a baby begins. The function of sperm is to initiate the incredible journey of creating new life. The formation of a full-fledged human being from small cells is like a miracle. 

Number of sperms you need for pregnancy

For the pregnancy, sperm is important; it only takes one sperm to begin the process of fertilization. On the other side, multiple sperms are involved in the race to reach the egg. During the procedure of intercourse, males release millions of sperm. In spite of the large number, the journey of sperm reaching the fertilized egg is challenging. Thousands of sperm do not survive through the female reproductive tract. It is important to note that the likelihood of pregnancy depends on various factors, including the timing of intercourse in relation to the woman’s menstrual cycle, the health of the sperm and egg, and the conditions of the reproductive tract. 

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