What is the connection between cervical mucus and your fertility?

What is the connection between cervical mucus and your fertility

Hormone fluctuations prompt your cervix to emit a discharge, that is known as cervical mucus. This occurs only during the ovulation cycle. It may change amount, texture, and appearance during the month dependent on your estrogen levels.

In fact, cervical mucus is one of the main indications of fertility that comes before ovulation. Additionally, it is vital since it is too late to have intercourse or sex when you are ovulating on the off chance that you need to get pregnant. Then, you should check different signs and your basal body temperature in order to confirm ovulation. You must observe the diverse phases of cervical mucus in order to know the pregnancy and it will be helpful to know when to make the child.

Stages of Cervical Mucus

The date ranges recorded are based on a 28-day cycle. Additionally, numerous ladies will ovulate prior in their cycle, whereas others later. There are 4 stages of cervical mucus include-:

Days 1 to 3 after your period cycle

The stage is known as a dry stage. Your vagina and cervix will never be totally dry, as they are moisture filled membranes. Most ladies report feeling an absence of gliding and dryness while cleaning. You must be charting after some time if you really want to understand that what is a dry day as compared to a cervical mucus day. When you watch the difference, you will never know how you did not see it previously.

Days 4 to 6 after your period cycle

Your body begins delivering non-fertile cervical mucus when you move nearer to ovulation. This is frequently signified as the sticky stage. It is generally cloudy in shade or white and structures little sticky globs. It actually looks like as cooked egg whites.

So what is the exact meaning of egg white cervical mucus? Additionally, it won’t help and support sperm as compared to the more fertile mucus. However, it is greatly conceivable to get pregnant amid this sticky phase will probably not result in a positive or active pregnancy. If you are experiencing infertility, then visit the doctor for the best IVF treatment in India.

Days 7 to 9 after your period cycle or pre-ovulation

This phase is known as the creamy phase because in this phase the texture of mucus will be changed to creamy and cloudy. Moreover, in this phase mucus will be a vicious, thick and abundant, but not as sticky phase. Sperm can remain alive inside the female for as long as 6 days, so it is conceivable to get pregnant amid this stage.

Days 10 to 14 after your period

This stage is known as a clear stage. In this phase, the luteinizing hormone levels in your body rise during ovulation. Additionally, cervical mucus in your body will turn out be stretchy, clear, and abundant.

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