What is the infertility rate in women? Whether Age is the crucial factor in infertility or not?

What is the infertility rate in women? Whether Age is the crucial factor in infertility or not?

To become a mother is the most important aspect of the women’s life. But with the competitive world, women have to make their career firstly. Then they plan the families. Age would become the crucial factor when you are planning to have the baby in the older ages. But thanks to different infertility centers, that are using the different latest fertility techniques which helps the couples to have the children in later phases of the life.

What is the infertility rate in different age limits?

In the modern world, women are continuously surviving to fight for their rights in the workplace. Nowadays, most of the women are graduate and pursuing their careers before getting married or having their own babies. But due to bad fortune, a delay in baby will lead to the later pregnancy in life. According to the studies, there are 20% of the women who start their family after the age of 35 and there are1/3 of the women who have problems with their fertility. At the age of 30, there are 20% chances of conception with the sex and this numbers has decreased to 5% after the age of 40.

What is the status of fertility in the teenage girls?

This is an amazing fact that you must have kids when you are young. But nowadays, teen pregnancies are growing day by day. Girls, who are of childbearing age, have the children at that age.

Is the old age women have healthier babies or not?

When the women reach the age of mid 30’s, then their ovaries will begin to wane and the egg quality will be declined. Researchers show that older women have the smarter and the healthier babies. This is the blessing of the IVF treatment. Reproductive medicines are the miracle of the science but this miracle will reduce as the passing of the year.

Women don’t need to leave their dreams in order have the family.

Age is the undeniable fact that women capacity decreases with the age. But this is also the amazing fact that older women have their babies. During 1990-2008, the number of the pregnancy between the ages 40-44 has been increased by 65%.

So what sets apart women who are able to conceive from those who are not?There are numbers of the things that affect the fertility of both men and women. All the things from the genetics to diet are responsible for infertility. The environment also plays the vital role in overall health and the fertility.

Is age is the crucial factor or not? What are others factors responsible for infertility?

Other factors like what we eat, how we handle the stress, how we navigate the various elements of the modern world, happiness etc are responsible for having the baby. If you are struggling with the infertility problems then you can consult the best IVF centre in India for the best fertility treatment in India.