When is the Right Time to Consider Surrogacy for Parenthood?

When is the Right Time to Consider Surrogacy for Parenthood?

We all have dreams, and parenthood is one of the commonest dreams for married couples. In the past decades, there was a higher incidence of adoption for parenthood, but in the current century, surrogacy has reduced the percentage of adoption worldwide. In simple terms, adoption is merely conducted for charity reasons or in case surrogacy isn’t desired. Sofat Infertility centre, the best IVF centre in India with a female fertility expert recommends convenient surrogacy in the following cases;

  • Multiple failed IVF procedures

Though rare with the fact that there are various ART practices such as IUI, ICSI, laser assisted hatching among others, some couples may still fail to conceive and this may present surrogacy as the last option for parenting a genetic child.

  • Hysterectomy

This refers to the surgical removal of a woman’s uterus due to cancer, fibroids, or any other chronic medical conditions.

  • Higher chances of DNA abnormalities

Couples whose chances of passing on genetic disorders to their children may prompt them to opt for surrogacy. The commonest form of genetic disorders is Down Syndrome, sickle-cell anemia, Alzheimer disease, commonly categorized into Chromosomal abnormalities, Multifactorial issues, Single gene defects, and Teratogenic problems.

  • Unexplained Infertility

It is a form of infertility where fertility experts fail to diagnose the root of a couple’s failure to conceive. This highly happens in case of multiple IVF treatment failure or any other ART treatment.

  • Repeated Miscarriages

Repeated miscarriages are extremely devastating and demotivating leading to loss of hope for parenthood. However, this can be effectively combated by attaining a woman’s eggs after ovarian stimulation and combining them with her male partner’s sperms to form an embryo. This embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus for development and there is no genetic connection between the surrogate and the baby.