When should i expect to get pregnant: how does your cycle rotate?

When should i expect to get pregnant: how does your cycle rotate?

Though there is a majority of things that women share in common, conception is at times complicated when it comes to fertility. Things like the length and time of ovulation and periods differ.

Some facts about menstruation and fertility

  • Some girls start menstruating at the age of 9, whereas 12 is the average

  • Most women have their menstrual cycle to be 28 days (average), whereas others have shorter (23-24) and others longer (34-35)

  • It’s never easy to properly define your most fertile days unless you follow your menstruation cycle with the help of a calendar and monitoring your body temperatures. However, one can get pregnant during ovulation or time to ovulation

  • One may get normal periods despite the fact that she suffers from infertility

  • Menopause time (49 and above)

Understanding your true womanhood

Most men relate being a woman to mere periods and being able to carry the fetus until it is fully developed at the end of 9 months. That is not the theory or science that a woman holds. There is so much to understand about them, especially the reproductive system.

A woman’s reproductive system comprises of the following

  • The Fallopian Tubes

  • The Ovaries

  • The Uterus

  • The Cervix and lastly

  • The Vagina

In case any of the above is malfunctioning, there will be a difficulty in conception.

  • In simple terms, the theory of becoming pregnant starts from the time when hormone production is stimulated. When the hormones are in balance, the ovary will develop eggs and at least one will be released into the Fallopian tubes.

  • When a woman conducts unprotected sex, the sperm will meet the egg and fertilization will occur.

  • The fertilized egg will implant itself in the uterus where it will grow for 9 months and at the end, a baby is born.

  • The cervix is normally divided into two portions that is the outer part and the inner part. It produces mucus that can help a woman get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, whereas the vagina is an opening that acts as an outlet and a passage for the penis.