When to consider ICSI? Which credentials decide your eligibility for the procedure?

ICSI - A Boon for Infertile Couples

ICSI is one of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies, which help to attain the required and the desired results of the conception despite problems in the sperms. If the couple is trying to conceive for one year and has been unable to conceive with a healthy baby, then it is required to take the consultation from the expert fertility specialists of the IVF centre in Punjab. Usually, people get confused about which infertility clinic they should be visiting, but there is nothing to think about this. Visit Sofat infertility and women care centre which helps you to get tested with a variety of ART.


Full-Form: In-Vitro FertilisationFull-Form: IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Wholly Invasive Procedure Minimally Invasive Procedure
Retrieval of both the eggs and the sperms Retrieval of only the sperm
The Fertilisation process is carried outside of the human body The fertilisation process is carried inside of the body
The implantation also require the manual efforts The implantation process is carried out naturally

Who can benefit from ICSI?

If you are the individual who is trying to make your female partner pageant, but due to the defects or some kinds of problems in the sperms, you are not able to help the female with conception, then the doctor will try to make your female mating partner conceive with the help of the ICSI Procedure.

Do you know?

The doctor will only consider taking up the ICSI procedure if the eggs of the female are not having any problem whether in the characteristics of the morphology.

Case in Point

In case, the eggs and sperm both are having problems, then the IVF procedure will surely be the right procedure for you.

Should You Take Up ICSI?

You Are The Right Candidate for ICSI If You are Suffering From:

Azoospermia No sperms in the semen sample
OligospermiaA few sperms in the semen sample
Sperm Motility If the sperms are showing up with the poor movements
Retrograde ejaculation If the semen is going back to the bladder at the time of the release If the semen is going back to the bladder at the time of the release

Biggest Benefit of ICSI

Elimination of the Genetic Disorders

Nobody will want their future children to be suffering from any genetic disorder or abnormality. In that case, ICSI is the best solution as this procedure helps you with the choice of the psalms. The best-chosen sperms will be considered for the fertilisation process.

Choose The Right Clinic

Else Encounter Failure in ICSI

For undergoing the ICSI procedure, you must be considering the right clinic. If you do not take the treatment from the right clinic then the ICSI procedure may fail the ICSI.

This procedure has to be performed with precision, otherwise, the eggs may get damaged.

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