Who is the right candidate for Hysteroscopy?

Who is the right candidate for Hysteroscopy?

What is a Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is the condition in which you allow your surgeon to see the thin lining of the uterus. Your doctor will use the thin viewing tool that is commonly known as a hysteroscope. This involves the thin camera on the end of the long thin tube. The tip of this device is inserted in the vagina, and then your doctor will gently move through the cervix. Then the tiny camera will help your doctor to see the lining that is commonly known as the endometrium.

What are the various symptoms of the Hysteroscopy?

There are numbers of the symptoms that are concerned with the different illness.

Common symptoms are:

  • You feel some level of the pain at the time of the intercourse.
  • Sometimes you feel constipation.
  • Frequent urinating is also the symptom.
  • Sometimes you feel pain and pressure in the lower back and abdomen.
  • If you are suffering from prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding, then you consult the best IVF centre in Jagraon.

Who is the candidate of the Hysteroscopy?

A person suffers from the following condition, is the candidate for the hysteroscopy.

  • Infertility Issues: if you and your partner have trouble in conservation, then you consult the best IVF centre in Dasuya. This will help your gynecologist to see the various problems of the uterine walls. What are the various problems towards the parenthood? Your surgeon will also check the condition of the fallopian tubes.
  • Irregular Bleeding & Cramping: if you are suffering from the problem of unusual cramping and irregular periods, then your gynecologist will give the closer look to the various problems like polyps or fibroids. Your gynecologist will also use the heating tool to stop the excessive bleeding. This will help your gynecologist to take the small tissue sample for checking it for endometrial cancer in the laboratory.
  • Assisting with Permanent Birth Control: This technology is used to insert the small devices in fallopian tubes. This is also used to close the birth control permanently.

Preparing for a Hysteroscopy

Following are the things that your gynecologist needs to be considered before going for the hysteroscopy.

  • Scheduling: Time is the important aspect for setting up the hysteroscopy. One week after your period is the right time when your gynecologist will get the best view of the uterine line. If you are having the regular periods, then fix your appointment with your gynecologist on that particular week.
  • Anesthesia: Then your gynecologist will decide whether you will have to give the anesthesia or not. It will depend upon the treatment. You discuss the different options of the Anesthesia before the treatment.

What are the risks involved with the hysteroscopy?

There is minimal risk involved in this Hysteroscopy. Sometimes cervix would be dilated during the procedure. Sometimes there would be a slight risk of infection.  You can consult the best IVF centre in Garhshankar for the best infertility treatment.