Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant? 13 reasons why you may not be conceiving

13 Reasons Why You May Not Be Conceiving

Millions of couples are stuck with the problem of infertility. The ordeal is not limited to any specific geographical location, race or climatic conditions. Sedentary lifestyle, mismanaged routines, unhealthy habits, toxins in the environment and pollution has taken a toll on the fertility of the couples. But there is hope in the form of infertility treatments like IUI and IVF.


Here we talk about Infertility; there are many IVF fertility doctor in India which offer such treatments. It is the term given to the couples who are not able to experience successful conception even after one year of trying.  While female infertility accounts for 40-50% of the cases, male fertility is accountable for 30-40% cases.

If the sperm count is low due to a faulty lifestyle, the person is told to abstain from substance abuse and follow a healthy lifestyle. If the condition is due to some other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, suitable medication is given. If the crux of the matter lies in emotional and mental stress, the person can be sent for counseling and advice to adopt a more positive attitude. However, if the condition is completely untreatable,

Female infertility

If the dilemma is arising out of the females inability to conceive, it is called female infertility. The female might be having problems with her ovulation cycle, or might be failing due to blocked fallopian tubes. Pelvic inflammatory disease or problems in the cervix might also be the key to the problem. Lets us take a detailed look at the reasons-

  1. Ovulation disorder

A woman may not be ovulating properly due to hormonal imbalance or abnormal functioning of the thyroid hormone. An irregular menstrual cycle or too much or too little secretion of thyroid hormone can result in an abnormal ovulation cycle.

  1. Abnormalities in the uterus

Tumors in the uterus, presence of polyps or anomaly in the shape of cervix might cause the condition.

  1. Blockage of the fallopian tubes –fallopian tubes might be blocked or damaged, this leads to failure to conceive. The reason of blockage might be endometriosis or sexually transmitted diseases.
  1. Endometriosis-this condition occurs when the endometrial tissue starts growing outside the uterus. In many cases, it leads to the malfunctioning of the ovaries and blockage of fallopian tubes.
  1. Premature menopause-In some women, the ovaries stop functioning and the woman attains menopause before touching 40. Certain genetic conditions, exposure to radiation, and smoking might be the cause of the condition.
  1. Cancer-A woman suffering from cancer, particularly in the reproductive system is bound to become infertile.

Causes of male infertility

Causes of male infertility

Sometimes, the male’s reproductive system is not functioning properly; hence the female partner is not able to conceive. This condition is known as male infertility. It also arises due to many reasons-

  1. Abnormal sperm function-Due to certain medical conditions such as diabetes, or undescended testicles, the male might not be able to produce sperms properly. If the male is suffering from sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, then also he will fail to produce healthy sperms and such kind cases may can opt for ICSI and IVF treatment.
  1. Failure to deliver sperms

Certain conditions like premature ejaculation or structural problems like a blockage in the testicle could be the reason behind the problem. Genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis or injury to the reproductive system may cause infertility.

  1. Environmental factors

Excessive exposure to pesticides, radiation or heat can diminish the fertility quotient of the person. Smoking, drug abuse, and consumption of anabolic steroids may also result in male infertility.

  1. Chemotherapy and other treatment methods of cancer

Radiation and chemotherapy are often used to treat cancer, such treatment methods can severely impair the body’s capacity to produce sperm.

Other factors which affect the fertility of both the genders

  1. Age-A woman’s fertility starts dropping after she hits the mid-30s. The same happens to men after they attain the age of 40.
  1. Substance abuse-Any person using excessive tobacco,drugs or alcohol will have the tendency to become infertile.
  1. Weight-Being overweight or underweight can cause infertility. A healthy ideal weight must be maintained.

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