Why do couples consider undergoing genetic testing before they plan for the baby?

Why do couples consider undergoing genetic testing before they plan for the baby

Why do couples consider undergoing genetic testing before they plan for the baby?

When we are ready to plan the baby, we usually imagine all the stages of conception and pregnancy as a cup of tea. We think that no sooner we do unprotected sex, than we may encounter those positive lines on the pregnancy test kit. Easy labor and uncomplicated delivery will be all that you need to give birth to a healthy baby.

Why should couples get their genes tested?

It may be true in some cases but for others, it may be an even more complicated situation. Because they may have to deal with birth defects in their babies. There are variegated factors that may determine the intensity and the type of the birth defect. But you should know that there are some cases in which the cause for the birth defect may be unknown.

So this is the main reason that couples should consider undergoing genetic testing even if they do not have any kind of fertility issue.

What is being determined in prenatal testing?

Prenatal testing is done to ensure whether the couple is not affected by any kind of disease or health problem which they could potentially pass to their offsprings.

If you are pregnant

If you come out to be positive from such a problem, then the doctor will consider testing your fetus.

Tests for the genetic screening

There are usually two types of screening tests that are considered based on the trimester.

  • First Trimester

If you are pregnant by 2 to 3 months which is the first trimester, then CVS is the right kind of test for you. This test helps to find out if there is a congenital abnormality in the fetus.

  • Second trimester

The next 3 months which are usually 4 to 6 of the pregnancy are known as the second trimester. If the genetic testing is to be done at this stage, then amniocentesis is the test that helps you to find out the abnormality in the fetus by extracting a sample of the amniotic fluid present in the uterus.

Why is genetic testing necessary before pregnancy?

Usually, the couples who consider conceiving through IVF procedure are benefited from the genetic testing at the beginning. By doing this the fertility experts make sure that the embryo is completely healthy and will result in a healthy baby.

Genetic testing is important to give your child a normal life without any complications, health, and physical issues. So every couple who is planning to conceive must consider this aspect.

How is the testing done?

The stem cell from the developed embryo is taken out and is compared with the standard DNA. By doing the comparison, the doctors can easily find out whether the embryo is fit to be implanted in the uterus or not.

Bottom Line

If any or both of the partners are at risk of passing some health problem to their upcoming baby through genes, then they can plan for the prenatal care accordingly. And also they can get pregnancy counseling concerning the issue.