Why nutritious diet is important after IVF and what food you should eat?

Why nutritious diet is important after IVF and what food you should eat

Successful IVF treatment means taking proper care of your overall health which is done through the consumption of healthy food and an active regime. When you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab, you will get detailed information on what to do and what needs to be avoided. Keep in mind, your overall health and reason for infertility will determine the IVF cost. On average, the cost begins from Rs – 70,000/-. In this blog, we will talk you through the correct approach to follow after IVF.

Why your diet is important following IVF?
For successful completion of the IVF cycle, nutrition plays an important role. If you eat poorly then you are likely to have several health issues that affect fertility. This is the reason, the fertility expert always suggests that your general health is given utmost importance. It is essential that you eat right, look for healthy ways to destress yourself and exercise on the daily basis.

Make sure to eat like you have become pregnant
Even before and after IVF treatment, your diet should be filled with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. You should eat as you have conceived, but make sure it should be healthy. If your eating habits are already correct then it will greatly benefit you when you undergo IVF treatment.

What food options you should have while undergoing IVF?
After the last stage of IVF, you need to include these food options in your diet for improved conception chances:
• Leafy greens
• Berries
• Nuts
• Seeds
• Beans
• Hummus
• Broccoli
• Sprouts
• Sweet potatoes
• Bananas
• Yogurt
• Eggs
• Anchovies
• Sardines
• Salmon
• Oats and whole grains
It even better if you have a Mediterranean diet as it is all about vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats. In such a diet, red meat should be in a minimal amount.

What food and beverages to avoid?
Apart from the above-mentioned food, the women need to avoid these beverages and food options like:
• Alcohol
• Soda
• Junk food
• Soft cheeses
• Processed foods
• Processed meats
• Fish with high mercury content (Tuna, mackerel, and sea bass)

Should I include dietary supplements and vitamins in your diet?
You should talk to the fertility doctor about what type of food supplements you need to have. In some cases, multivitamins are important as they are essential for general wellness. It is better than you are cautious and take all the necessary measures to improve the conception chances.

Do not make diet the only factor
Diet is just one factor that improves conception chances. It means that other factors should be taken into account. You should talk to the fertility expert about the physical regime you need to follow, along with relaxation methods, and other necessary steps.

Wrap up!
When you consult the best fertility expert, you will be given all the necessary resources which ensure the IVF cycle is complete and you & your baby’s health are fine. For further information or to clear your doubts, you should seek assistance from our fertility expert.